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Myth-Weavers Game Structure

A game at Myth-Weavers has many components, but there are six things that every GM will interact with for his game. These are, the Game Profile, the Game Forum, the GM Screen, the Game Control Panel, Game Members, and Game Advertisements. Also related to games at MW are: Subweaves, pages dedicated to game systems, and World Links, which tie a game to the Wiki for game world information.

The Game Profile

The Game Profile is the central hub for a game. From it, the Forum, GM Screen, and Game Control Panel can be accessed, Game Members can be viewed and managed, Game Ads can be created and managed, Head GM Status can be transferred, users can be invited, applications can be managed, and the game can be archived. Additional information about the game, including its status, creation date, last post, system, setting, and description, can all be seen from this page.

The Game Forum

If the Game Profile is the brain of a game, the Game Forum is its heart. The Game Forum is home to all threads pertaining to the game, and has all the features of any other forum on the site. In addition, threads can be organized by Thread Groups, and if the game is set up with a World Link, links to game information stored in the wiki are also available from the left hand column. The Main Thread group settings can be managed, as can the thread groups themselves.

The GM Screen

While the GM Screen is a feature currently in development, it does have a spot for notes and, for any sheets attached to the game, it displays compressed versions of character sheets called Quick Sheets.

The Game Info

The Game Info page is where you can change the description and options of your game. The options are:


Any changes must wait for approval from the Myth Weavers' staff.


Any changes must wait for approval from the Myth Weavers' staff.


Any changes must wait for approval from the Myth Weavers' staff.


Accepting: Users can (request to) join the game through the game's profile.

Closed: Users can't (request to) join the game.

Private: The game is only visible to GMs, Players and Readers accepted into that game.

Access can be changed at any time. Closing or privatizing a game will cause the game advertisement, if any, to removed in 3 days from the Games & Ads forum. Once deleted, a new game ad will have to be created if you change the Access back to Accepting.

The Game Control Panel

The Game Control Panel is where the game's description, status, and World Link can be edited.

Game Members

Game Members come in several levels.

  • Head GM: This is the owner, usually the creator of the game. He has full moderator permissions for the forum, can manage other game members (including GMs), can access the GM Screen and Game Control Panel, can create and manage Game Advertisements, archive the game, and finally, can relinquish his Head GM status to another game member. In the forum, he has access to all private threads and text in private tags.
  • GM: Granted this status (by request) by the Head GM, these users have the same permissions as the Head GM except they cannot manage other GMs, or archive the game.
  • Player: Granted this status (by request) by a GM, these users have the same permissions in the game forum as they do in other forums.
  • Reader: This user has the same permissions as a player, but can also read all private threads and text in private tags. Though they have permissions to post, they are generally not exercised. Essentially, a spectator.

Joining a Game

From the game profile there is an icon toward the top center with a little person and a plus symbol that says 'Join Game'. Clicking this button will lead you to the Join Game form. JoinGameProfileExample.png

You can select what member level you'd like, and include a message to the GMs. If you are joining as a player, make sure the selection is set to "Player". JoinGameExample.png

This request is saved to the game profile page and the GMs will be able to approve or deny the request. A message is sent to GMs that a request has been made. From that same page, the person who made the request will also be able to 'Deny' it, thus rescinding their request. A message is sent to the applicant with the result of the request.

Changing Game Member Level

Sometimes a player wants to become a GM, or vice versa, or a Reader decides to start playing the game. A button similar to the Join Game button, but with a little person and a pencil, leads to a form where you can request a new member level, and the process follows the same as joining a game for the first time.

Leaving a Game

If, for whatever reason, you need to leave the game, go to the game profile page and use the 'x' next to your name.

Game Advertisements

On Myth-Weavers, you can get players for your games in one of two ways: invite them or run a game advertisement. A game advertisement is a request for players in the community to create characters to play in your game. This section provides basic instructions for creating a game ad. More detailed suggestions can be found in the Advanced Advertisement Techniques article.

Game ads are monitored by the moderators, but your ad is your responsibility. The moderators can't be everywhere, all the time, so if there's a problem, report it.