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Private Threads

To make a private thread, click on New Thread. After titling the thread, and making your message, you will see a group of options near the bottom of the page for making the thread private.

  • Everyone can see this thread

The default setting.

  • Only selected users

If you want only certain users to be able to see and post in a thread, click on this radio button and enter the usernames of these members in the bottom text box. Separate each name with a semi-colon [;]. Do not put spaces between names here. This option is useful for creating threads for single players, for separate groups of characters, or for the GMs only.

  • Selected users cannot see the thread

Use this option when you do not want certain members to be able to see your threads. Select this button and insert their names in the bottom text box, separating each with only a semicolon.

  • Only selected usergroups

This is the same as the ‘Only Selected Users’ option, except that it applies to whole usergroups instead of individual users. This option is generally useless to most members (as all are on the same usergroup), but quite helpful to Moderators and Administrators.

  • Selected usergroups cannot see the thread

This is again similar to the above. It functions the same way as ‘Selected users cannot see the thread’ but applies to usergroups instead of users.

How to make existing non-private threads private? This can be done only if you are the GM (or Co-GM) of the forum in which you want to make these changes.

    • Open the thread in which you want to change permissions
    • Go to 'Thread Tools' (it looks like a couple of gears).
    • Click on the 'Edit Thread' radio button
    • Click on 'Perform Action'.

This will bring you to the 'Edit Thread' page, where you will find the same options for permissions that are available when creating new threads. Make your selections from the options described above, and then press 'Save Changes' to bring the new permission-settings into effect.

Note Private material (including Private Messages, Private Threads, and material in Private Tags), should not be construed to create any actual expectation of privacy. "Private" material is more accurately described as material that may require permissions checks before being displayed. Private settings (for threads and tags) are not respected within the game archive. Site staff members, and GMs/Moderators and Readers in games have access to private material within that game.

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