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GM World Building

This guide explains how to create a world within Myth-Weavers wiki. Once created these world pages can be embedded directly into game forum. Game linking is optional, the existence of a game is never required to create your world as wiki pages.

This feature is still actively being improved, check back here occasionally for updates. To make changes not described here post in Site Discussion for help. Only staff can delete unwanted pages, if you move your world from, the old system please get it deleted when once moved.

For Tips on the creative process of world building, redirect here: World Building/Creating a Home Brew World


Create World

To begin your world a "Main" or top level page is needed. The pages are stored in a hierarchy like folders on windows. The subpages are automatically indexed on the main page indented to show how pages are related. This indented list is reproduced as a tree in the game forum once linked but only includes the top two levels, restricted to prevent overcrowding and overflow in the tree.

Your top level page should be created from the "World" index page using the form provided.

Choosing a name: Please restrict the use of non alphanumeric , you can use letters, numbers, underscore and comma. Names need to be unique as they form part of the URL. It will be obvious from the feedback the page already exists if you choose an existing name.

Selecting system: Please do not use misc for common game systems, if your required system type is missing ask, we are only adding them as needed and the list is independent of the list for game forums.

The page created will include various template instructions at the top, never split this, add your content after it.

Create Subpages

The main page and each subpage includes a form to create subpages. These can be renamed but not deleted without a staff request.

Link to Game

Click the wiki button in your game forum, begin typing the world name to reduce the list and select the desired world. The linked world can be changed by repeating the process. To disconnect your game from the world click the wiki button and then click submit.

Currently only one world can be linked to a game. Many games can link to the same world.

Adding Homebrew Crunch

This means things like classes,feats, spells and so on. We will be creating forms to generate these types of entries for popular systems. You can wait or add them now and convert later. There is no time estimate. Our focus is to get D&D 3.5, D&D 4e and Pathfinder done first. If you use a system which you think is well suited to templated entries for crunch please make representation to the wiki crew.

Editing the Auto Created Page Layout

Remove Auto Generated Page List

Remove everything from the line <div style="padding-bottom:10px; padding-left:10px;"> to the line {{Robelbox-close}} The list cannot currently be removed from the main page.

Remove "Create Subpage" Form

On subpages, at or near the top of the page the form appears as {{#forminput:Worldsubpage|size=50||Create subpage|super_page={{FULLPAGENAME}}&preload=Template:Worlsubpg pload}}

It is not currently possible for users to remove the form from the main page.

Force or Remove Table of Contents

When you use section headers in wiki pages a table of contents is auto created once you have 4 headings.

Remove Table of Contents by adding __NOTOC__ near the top of the page. Force Table of Contents (with less than 4 headings), add __TOC__ near the top of the page.