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Welcome! Here, you can find resources for writers and writing, as well as friendly explanations of a few things around these parts. It may take a little while to get this Help section beaten into shape, so if you don't see what you're looking for, ask in the current Guild chatting thread, or open up a new thread of your own.


Forum index


A place for writing prompts and challenges. If you have an idea for a prompt or challenge of your own, create a new thread and use the Challenge thread prefix. The thread title should include the word count goal if there is one. When selecting a deadline for a challenge, make sure to leave plenty of time for people to have a chance to see it.

Collaborative Closet

For round-robin style writing where one person starts a story, then hands it off to another member, who writes a piece and then hands it off, until the thread explodes or the story comes to a natural conclusion.


This is the threadgroup all the NaNo nonsense is banished to, because otherwise, it would devour the Guild every November. Preferably, when you make a thread here, include the year in the title. Use the 'NaNo' thread prefix.

Writer's Workshop

Anyone can drop any sort of writings into this threadgroup for storing, peer review, or whatever. Please don't use it for keeping information pertaining to games, either as a player or GM. You can use your own wiki page or game forum for that. To use this section, follow these guidelines:

Post a new thread if you are looking for someone to read and critique or proofread your work.

Your thread's first post should include:

  1. A brief summary or short blurb describing the piece. While optional, this will help match you with readers interested in your genre and subject matter.
  2. A rating and any appropriate warnings: If your work is not PG-13 or milder, please warn your readers ahead of time in the text of the post, and do not post the work itself on the Weave.Usually graphic violence and/or profanity rates an R, while graphic sex and/or extreme violence rates an NC-17. If you give yourself an R or NC-17, state the reasons.
  3. Reader type: Are you looking for an overall critique? Then you are looking for an Alpha reader. Do you have a nearly finished draft that's already been through a few readers and needs thorough proofreading before submission to a publisher? Then request a Beta reader.
  4. If you use offsite hosting of your work, make sure readers have the information they need to access it (such as a password), or instruct them to PM you to get it. Google Docs is recommended.


Everything that doesn't fit into one of the other categories and hasn't had a post in a month or so gets closed and tossed in here. If you want a thread in here opened for some reason, PM the Guild moderator (currently dauphinous) with the reason. Most of the time, starting a new thread is the better choice.


These pages contain links to a variety of resources for writers. If you have a link to add, feel free to do so. If you find a dead link, please fix it. If you aren't sure how or don't want to do either, please PM a Guild moderator with enough information to deal with it.

Books For Writers - Books about the craft of writing.

Resource Links - All about smashing writer's block, getting published, and other things writers often find extremely valuable.

Language Links - Includes dictionaries, thesauri, grammar, and similar sorts of links. This is for the English language.

Software Links - Word processors of the free/cheap variety, and similar such programs.