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Isseegren Turfcut d'Ghallanda

Isseegren+d%27Ghallanda.jpg Isseegren is the concierge for the Golden Dragon in Vathirond, Breland. While he has run afoul of many travelers, soldiers, and nobles over the years, he has been a steady hand at the helm of the Dragon's Common Room. His manners are second to none, as is his devotion to his House.

Rumors circulate, as things are want to do in any city, that Isseegren has a darker side. Something he never shows the customers. There are several tales of drunks and letches who went too far, too often in the peaceful halls of the Ghallandan inn, that all end with the trouble-maker in question dying horribly in some queer fashion. Especially after being publicly warned not to make trouble. As of yet, there has been no proof that he had anything to do in the matters other than being a concerned Ghallandan host. Some of those found in the Vathirond city jail believe he may be one of the notorious Black Dogs, the troubleshooters for the halflings who ensure that no problems ever make it past the front door. But, they are only rumors. None of them seems to have swayed the polite halfling from his duty as the premiere concierge in the region.

Marlon Fishbottom d'Ghallanda

373585_286465371410978_1575156923_n.jpg There are many who believe that loyalty to one's House is greater than gold or honor or title. Marlon Fishbottom is one such halfling. While the rotund little administrator is an absolute terror to those in his House who seem to fall beneath his impeccable standards, his story may be more complicated than many give him credit. Most of those "in the know" give the man a wide berth, due to his temper and his scrutiny of their work. For some reason no one can fathom, he has the ear of several other important nobles within the House despite his caustic personality and sense of entitlement. Those who don't know him often run afoul of his high standards and quick temper, in which case(s) he leaves a trail of unemployed workers and sulking House members.

But that's only a small part of his story, even if the one most well known. Marlon Fishbottom began as a trawler on the shores of Lake Cyre near Gatherhold. His dragonmark manifested at a young age, but he hid it for some time due to the legends of the cursed Aberrant Marks circulating among the tribesmen in that region. He was never sure until one day, a guard of the Dawnbuilders noticed his Mark and within a short time he was inducted into the House of Hospitality. Never one to pass up opportunities, Fishbottom soon made his way into regional positions.

There are many, both inside and outside his House, who dislike the man on personal and professional grounds. He has far more enemies than friends due to his business practices. However, one thing none can contest is his devotion to his House. Even his most die-hard critics have said that Marlon's most stringent desire is to see his House through all obstacles and see that Hospitality delivered wherever the Baron desires. Those who stand in the way of that have been silenced in the strangest of ways, while those that agree with the halfling or have gone out of their way to see it done have mysteriously weathered the direst of circumstances with help they never knew they had. Perhaps a contradiction, or perhaps simply a product of the times, in any event, Marlon is a halfling to be reckoned with.

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