Imperial Seal Weapons

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Melee Weapons

Two Handed Martial Weapons


This two handed sword has a pyramidal cross-section, ending in a chiseled point. Designed for piercing through gaps in plate and mail, it is not effective in slashing attacks. The Estoc ignores the first 3 DR against an armored opponent, but it cannot be used for martial maneuvers.

Cost Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Critical Weight Type
10gp 1d6 2d4 x3 6 lb. Piercing


A steel tipped, 15 ft. long weapon, the pike dominates the modern battlefield. A pike has 15 ft. reach--it can strike opponents 15 ft. from the wielder, but not those adjacent or 10 ft. away.

Cost Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Critical Weight Type
10gp 1d8 1d10 x2 12 lb. Piercing


Firearms in the world of the Korlian Empire are extremely deadly, but the new technology is also highly unreliable. Even in the hands of a skilled musketeer, they can misfire with deadly consequences.

Firearms are divided into two broad categories: pistols and muskets. Pistols are one handed, single shot weapons with a short range. Muskets encompass unwieldy and heavy two handed firearms.

Due to the inherent deadliness of combat using the VP/WP systems, firearms have much greater restrictions than those given in the DMG. Reloading is much more difficult.

Firearms are considered exotic weapons.


Reloading a musket is a full round action that provokes an AoO. Reloading of a musket can be quickened to a standard action, but doing so increases your misfire chance by 20%.

Reloading a pistol is a standard action that provokes an AoO. Reloading can be quickened to a move action, but doing so increases your misfire chance by 20%.

The Pistoleer and Musket Drill feat trees can reduce the penalties for quickening reloading and allow you to further quicken reloading.

If you take vitality damage from AoO while reloading, you must succeed in a Concentration check against DC 10+damage received. Failure means the reloading action is spoiled. A natural one causes the reloading to fail and one charge of powder to be wasted.


Anytime a firearm is fired, it has a base 10% chance to misfire. If the firearm was reloaded by someone who is nonproficent, the misfire chance increases to 30%. A natural 1 on the attack roll also results in a misfire. Even on a natural 20 attack roll, a misfire still occurs if you roll one. On a misfire, roll on the misfire table to determine the effect (Misfire effects TBD).

Misfire Effect Table

Roll Result Effect
1 Catastrophic failure--the weapon deals fire damage equal to its weapon damage to the wielder
and splash damage to adjacent creatures. Weapon is useless.
2-5 Hang Fire: The firearm does not go off when the trigger is pulled, but discharges 1d3 rounds later.
6-9 Incomplete Combustion: Powder charge does not ignite fully. Weapon fires, but a -2 penalty is incurred against the attack roll and all
subsequent attack rolls for this combat.
10-20 No spark:Match cord fails to ignite primer or powder charge. You may reset and fire as normal the next round.

Weapon Descriptions

Cost Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Critical Range Increment Weight Type
150gp 1d10 1d12 x3 70ft 12 lb. Piercing

Muskets come with a fork to support them during firing. Firing a musket takes two hands, and firing without a fork incurs a -4 penalty. You cannot fire a musket one handed. Critical hits with a musket ignore the first 5 DR granted from armor.

Cost Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Critical Range Increment Weight Type
75gp 1d8 1d10 x3 30ft 4 lb. Piercing

You can fire a pistol one handed. You can fire a pistol in both hands, but doing you receive normal penalties for fighting with two weapons. Critical hits from a pistol ignore the first 2 DR granted from armor.