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Connect to the Myth Weavers irc Channel at

Server Information

Channel: #Myth-Weavers

Registering Your Nickname

IRC servers offer users the ability to register their nickname on their server. This prevents other users from using your nickname and also allows you to be given 'voiced' and 'operator' statuses. Please follow the below steps to register your nickname.

  • Join
  • Type /nickserv REGISTER <password> <email-address>
  • You will receive a notification in irc that your registration was a success and that a confirmation email has been sent.
  • Follow the instructions sent along in the email to confirm your email address.

Identifying With NickServ

Once you've registered your nickname and confirmed your email you must 'identify' with Nickserv. To do this, simply type: /nickserv identify <password> . This will allow to you to also 'Ghost' anyone using your nickname or you need to recover your nickname. To use the 'Ghost' command type, /nickserv GHOST <nick> <password>

Mibbit in Any Browser

Point your browser at and either register (for free) or try it without registering.
Use the select box called Connect: and scroll down to
Fill your forum name into the box called Nick: and #myth-weavers goes into the Channel: box.
Click Connect!

Using Firefox

This section assumes you've already installed the ChatZilla irc Add-On for Firefox, but you can use the information herein to configure any irc client.

  • After Firefox restarts, click Tools-->ChatZilla
  • Configure your ChatZilla preferences, if desired
  • In the command area (this is where you type your chat text once you join a channel), type "/server" and press <Enter>. After a few moments you'll see a message indicating you've connected to the server.
  • Type "/join #myth-weavers" and press <Enter>. After a few moments you'll join the Myth Weavers irc channel.
  • Right-click the #myth-weavers tab and click "Open this Channel at startup". This will automatically perform the steps above when you open ChatZilla.
  • You're done.

Using Chrome

This section assumes you've already installed the IRC to Mibbit extension for Chrome.

  • Click this link
  • On the tab that will open, enter your username and click go.
  • You're done.

mIRC for Windows

Download mIRC, one of the most popular IRC clients, and follow the setup instructions provided. It's nagware, and they would like you to register after a 30 day evaluation period. The fee is $20.

To connect to the chat room, follow these steps:

  • Click on File, click on "Select Server..."
  • mIRC has a built in list of some of the most common servers. Find the OtherWorlders entry and click the "Select" box.
  • Enter your FORUM Username in the "Username" box.
  • Click "Connect".
  • A dialog box will appear asking which room you would like to connect to. Either find #Myth-Weavers or type "#Myth-Weavers" into the box at the top.
  • mIRC will do all the work for you and you'll automatically be entered into the Myth-Weavers IRC channel.

Pidgin (for Windows/Linux/Unix)

Download Pidgin, a no frills meta chat client that combines a lot of protocols (IRC, Aim, ICQ, MSN etc) into one client.

Adium (for OSX)

Download Adium, a meta chat client for Mac users, similar to Pidgin.

Server Rules

As On The Forums, So On IRC

For right now, let's just say that whatever will/won't fly on the forums, will or won't fly on the irc channel. If there's some confusion, err on the side of conservative behavior. The Mods are still deciding if they want this to be a permanent thing. Let's not do anything to make them want to toss it out as a bad idea.

Happy chatting!

List of Myth-Weavers Related IRC Channels

  • #myth-weavers
  • #Pond
  • #WeaveNaNo