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[table=2,1][r=1,1][CENTER][SIZE="5"][I][FONT="Palatino Linotype"]Karrth anak'Aliw[/FONT][/I][/SIZE] [LEFT][FONT="Book Antiqua"][I]Luxury is an enticing pleasure, a bastard mirth, which hath honey in her mouth, gall in her heart, and a sting in her tail. [INDENT]~Francis Quarles[/INDENT][/I][/FONT][/LEFT]

[spoiler=Childhood]The 'court' of Karrn the Conquerer was a rough sort of place. The king himself was hardly more than a barbarian, after all. It was fitting enough, for Karrn's power was built on sword and spear. But it still made for an uncomfortable group of advisors - a bunch of bloody-minded and vicious warriors and soldiers had rarely been gathered.

Karrth was desperately out of place in that gathering. In any other age he would have been a fop, a dandy, a mere man of leisure. He had little desire for martial glory, and less talent. The boy wouldn't have even bothered to follow Karrn from Lhazaar Islands into Khorvaire, but as a first cousin to the king's wife, he was given little choice.

He did have some talent at magic, twisting reality with arcane power. While Karrn and his court did have various magicians, on the whole they were shamans and clerics just as blood thirsty as the warriors. Karth, in contrast, generally only wanted a bit of peace, quiet, and comfort.

For the most part, the boy kept to himself; he only appeared before the king on unavailable occaisions. But after years of doing so, Karrth's distaste for the Conqueror's society turned to contempt. The boy began voice his opinions, to express his contempt with cruel jokes and pranks. Before long he was even attending every function, accompanied by a coterie of imps and elementals which catered to every need.

As Karrth's contempt grew, so did Karrn's irritation. Before long, even Karrth's close family relationship to the king wasn't protection enough, and Karrth found himself immured in the Dreadhold along with others who had attracted the king's ire.[/spoiler] [spoiler=Adolescence]The young mageling found a large chamber in the lower dungeons to make a new home. With little to do but his magicks, he summoned up servants and tutors for himself; he was then trained and taught by otherworldy powers. Before long he had carved himself out a comfortable life in the depth of the prison.

Even better, his penchant for quiet and comfort made him popular with both the guards and inmates. The servants and favors called by Karrth were more than sufficient for his needs, and being able to share out those luxuries made the prison a better place.

As the years went by, Karrth became quite a fixture in the Dreadhold. Kept in perpetual youth by the blessing of outside power, he turned his cells into a warm suite fit for royalty. The guards brought the less important and well behaved prisoners to him, freeing their attentions for the more difficult work. It was a wonderful time for him, really, playing lord and master to those happy to recieve any luxury.

Of course, things changed when Galifar finally conquered Khorvaire. Instead of political prisoners and others that the kings wanted to forget, the prison began to be filled with true criminals. These didn't place quite the same value on Karrth's ministrations that previous tenants had, rather they often attempted to intimidate, steal, and even destroy the things that Karrth had offered.

Without the companionship and entertainment that had been offered by the old, gentle-born condemned, Karrth began to withdraw from prison life. He quit taking responsibility for inmates, and began isolating himself within his chambers. The massive additions being built onto the island stronghold aided him in this attempt, as the passages and chambers he occupied were gradually left more and more unused. Before long, he had been nearly forgotten in the depths of the prison. The only ones who ever saw him were would-be escapees, lost in the ancient passageways. When a servitor found such a lost soul, the inmate would be brought to his court, fed and entertained for the night, then transplanted back into a more well-traveled portion of the jail.

He continued like this for centuries, spending his time on little but discourse with his arcane servitors.[/spoiler] [spoiler=Adulthood]In addition to his lesser servitors, Karrth began to make contact with stronger beings, outsiders of demi-deities of power and knowledge. What he could gain from them was limited, as his resources and knowledge were slight. Despite centuries of gleanings from guards and wealthy prisoners, he had little more than gossip for these great creatures. A few did enjoy the gossip, enough to return gossip and information in kind, if not to trade actual power or wealth.

And so he stagnated.

It was while he survived thus, spinning his wheels, that he was contacted by an enigmatic power. During a routine summoning, in which he intended to call nothing more than a minor servitor to patrol the nearby caverns, an elemental of near-unimaginable power appeared in his chambers. With the voice of a whirlwind, the thing informed Karrth that it would be taking responsibility for the unchanging conjurer.

And so the teaching resumed.

The deific elemental taught Karrth about the interactions of the astral and elemental planes. It also aided his explorations, showing him not only what prowled the tunnels in the immediate vicinity, it also revealed the treasures embedded within the stone beneath Dreadhold. With the aid of a few little elementals and other creatures, soon Karrth had a small trove of Khyber dragonshards to trade away.

His contacts with the Dwarves above were fruitful at first. Surprise that the tales of the lurking mageling were true led the dwarves to trade freely. For a time, he collected a truly remarkable amount of wealth inside the dungeons. Unfortunately, soon the image of the enigmatic mage in the depths tarnished into a callow conjurer. Before long, the Dwarves realized that not only did Karrth reside in the Dreadhold's dungeons, but he even thought of himself as a prisoner (never mind that none of the dwarves knew who he had been or why he had been imprisoned). House Khundarak took over the mining operations, replacing Karrth's servitors with prisoners. Worse, they confiscated all of his worldly goods and imprisoned him in a more austere cell.

The confiscation was no great problem, Karrth's true treasures were immured in an extra-planar stronghold, but he found himself disconnected from his powers and servants for the first time in millennium. And there he remained until the Dreadhold's recent upheavals. Upon release, he immediately returned to his abandoned home and attempted to call up his servants.

They came quickly enough, but his old master would not respond to the call. Instead, a lesser elemental carried a message to Karrth, telling him that death would come quickly, should he remain a putative prisoner within the Dreadhold.

And so Karrth is looking for a way off the island. [/spoiler] [spoiler=Monologue][SIZE="4"][FONT="Book Antiqua"][I]Entries from Karrth's Journals, confiscated by the House of Khundarak[/I][/FONT][/SIZE] [fieldset=~Volume 28, pg. 83~][FONT="Book Antiqua"][I] It seems that the old King's wars have started up again. And for what? The people were doing well enough, it appeared; at least they had been since Karrn quit trying to fill the world. I'm not sure if I see the point, really. One king or another, it seems to matter little enough to most people. They all have rulers, so what matters the dynasty. It doesn't seem to matter much to the kings themselves. After a ruler's estate reaches a certain size, after an individual accumulates enough power, it doesn't make a difference, does it? Enough wealth to make yourself secure, enough servants to satisfy your needs, enough company to learn and grow, and one aught to be satisfied. And yet... this Galifar certainly doesn't seem satisfied. I'm not sure if I know why. Whatever the man aught to want, what he does want is sufficient to him to submerge Khorvaire in blood and fire. We've already seen the results here, as generals and deposed rulers make their way to this dark island. [/I][/FONT][/fieldset] [fieldset=~Volume 31, pg. 17~][I][FONT="Book Antiqua"] So, Galifar appears to have been victorious. Time will tell, I suppose. Conquerers have come and gone; Karrn's victories were enough to build Karrnath, but half his holdings were lost by his children. We'll have to see what Galifar's children can hold. I still don't see a point. So much destruction, and for what? A new empire, another bit to add to the moldy old tomes of the future. Some of the generals and noblemen that Galifar has sent to us seem ridiculous, to me. They go on and on about their homelands. Certainly, it is right for them to regret the powers and property they have lost, or to be angry at the atrocity visited upon their men in battle; but they seem to think those things of little importance. What makes them weep is the thought of their homes being ruled by another's blood, their nations fading into mere footnotes. Don't they understand that everyone's bloodlines and nations eventually fade to footnotes? Even the ancient and puisant of giant and elves often fall to ruin and fire. Don't we still speak of the House of Vol in hushed tones? This is normal in the course of the world, so why bemoan it? [/FONT][/I][/fieldset] [fieldset=~Volume 61, pg. 1~][FONT="Book Antiqua"][I] Things have changed. My life has been pleasant for quite some time now. But... I have a master now, apparently. [b]It[/b] said it was nothing but a guide, a messenger; instruction from a thing with as much power as that whirlwind cannot be regarded as less than command. I only wanted a little elemental - a small thing of rock and stone to search through the tunnels and keep watch for wanderers near my rooms. What came filled the chamber to overflowing, and shocked me into a stupor. [b]It[/b] spent time with me, I'm not sure how long, really. Long enough... [b]It[/b] gave me... perspective. I think. Despite my magics, I'm not sure if I've ever had understanding before. Of course, I'm not sure if I have it now. Magic is power, but it never meant otherwise to me. It told me that magic actually stands at the center of all. These wars, the destruction caused by kings and petty criminals; riches and wealth made by magistrates and artisians in times of peace; the shattered material left behind in loss; the structure and society created by victory; magic is ground up from the cycle. I'm not making sense, am I? This seemed so clear when it was explained to me. Hmm. Evil destroys what it can find, and by nature the weak, obselete, and fragile fall apart first. The destruction of evil leaves behind the shards and slivers in a chaotic pile. That chaos is nothing but the swirling remnants of that which fell to evil. Then workers come, assembling those resources into new structure and law. With a framework to allow people to live and prosper, the good create, and recreate the wealth and power that evil's envy destroys. I might have something backwards... But the point is that it is a cycle, and as evil and chaos pick off the weak and good rebuilds, things grow and improve, and room for better is left behind. My magics, all magic has been created by this cycle, and all the gods, angels, and their clerics are naught but a part of that same cycle. Apparently, my master tells me, I am meant to stand outside the circle. Or maybe within it. Or, apart. I am meant to use the circle, anyway, not to be used by it. I will have to think on this, but I am uncertain that I can reach a higher understanding. [/I][/FONT][/fieldset] [fieldset=~Volume 84, pg. 132~][FONT="Book Antiqua"][I] I have been informed that my life is lacking. Nevermind that I call powers throughout the planes; nevermind that I have bound those powers to agreements, agreements that can further the purposes of all those involved so that their place in the great cycle is furthered; nevermind that the lesser servitors fill my few bodily needs. I am lacking, somehow. Despite my unchanging form, I am still a mortal, and still have mortal needs. I suppose this is true... I still eat, after all, and sleep. I have been berated because 'mortals need mortal friends.' I have friends, or what I thought were friends; the beings I call and bind to me have always been sufficient. They fill my physical needs; they offer entertainment and mental stimulation; and they even bring me new knowledge to expand my mind and powers. I suppose [b]It[/b] had a point. Those creatures are not equals, after all. I've heard, and seen, I suppose, a number of people who have spoken of friends and lovers as though they did more than simply fill needs. Of course, if [b]It[/b] is to be believed, not only is my life lacking, my life will end if I don't fill the lack. I am to leave my ancient home and attempt to 'grow.' To grow, to obtain something different than power and comfort. [/I][/FONT][/fieldset][/spoiler] [spoiler=The Release]Karth looked up as his cell door opened. A skinny halfling pulled at the iron door, grunting with the effort. The little man was spattered with blood and ichor; some of the blood clearly came from a cut on his chest, but the rest was unidentifiable. Looking into the spartan anti-magic spell where Karrth had spent the last decade, the little halfling bit off a curse. [B]"Get up! It's revolt and I get to kill some dwarves! You a wizard? They put you in here, ya! Come on!"[/B]

Karth stood, his once splendid robes shedding dust as he regarded his short rescuer. [COLOR="Sienna"][B]"Revolt? Killing dwarves? I suppose... what's going on?"[/B][/COLOR] [B] "How should I know, my door opened, I found a knife, and now it's my own little Rampartide."[/B]

Karrth stepped out into the corridor, straightening as he left the enchantments that bound his own powers. [COLOR="Sienna"][B]"Ah, much better... I'm sorry, little one. You are a prisoner no more then? Why bother killing your guards, why not just leave?"[/B][/COLOR]

A boom echoed through the hallway, followed by a clash of weaponry and shouting in the distance. [B]"Come on! We have to take the guards or else nothing changes! I'm not going to stay here any more!"[/B] The halfling made as though to dash towards the noise, but Karrth reached out and grabbed the little warrior before he could leave. [COLOR="Sienna"][B] "I have a better idea, come with me." [/B][/COLOR]Karrth led them down the other direction towards an apparent dead end among the vacant cells. Stooping down, he pulled at the edge of a block. With that bit of effort, a perfectly balanced stone door opened in the floor, revealing a staircase down. The halfling's eyes went wide, and he was about to speak up when Karrth began talking again,[COLOR="Sienna"] [B]"Revolt... I'm not sure if that's what's supposed to happen. This place is one of order. A dark order, sure... but still. [i]It[/i] told me that the next step is growth. People should not be bringing chaos back, but finding good. We should not revolt, we should find benevolence within the order here. But what to do now..."[/B][/COLOR]

The halfling jumped back in with a shout,[B] "Where are we going! It's out, right? A secret passage to the outside walls? Because the only way I know out is through the dwarves."[/B] [COLOR="Sienna"][B] "Out? No, no. We can't go out. I need to think, so I'm going back to my cell. My real cell, the one the king put me in, not the one the dwarves gave me."[/B][/COLOR] [B] "King! What king! What are you talking about! We can escape, we can leave! We can-"[/B]

The staircase which had been spiraling down below the mountain opened up into a large chamber. A handful of dwarven guards were binding up their wounds. The source of the wounds was clear enough, bodies of all sorts littered the floor. Hearing the hafling's outburst they all saw Karrth and his friend on the landing. The little halfling recovered from the surprise first, and his cut off tirade turned into a battlecry in an instant, as he charged ahead towards the dwarves; before they could respond one of the guards was down with a few inches of steel through his eye.

The dwarves clubbed down the halfling quickly, then turned on Karrth, who raised his hands and began backing up,[COLOR="Sienna"][B] "I'm not revolting. Er, I mean I'm not trying to take over the prison, I'm just going back to my cell. Is that acceptable?"[/B] [/COLOR] The guards didn't respond, merely advanced. With a gesture the chamber filled up with a dark fog that thickened until the dwarves had to push to pass through it, and Karrth fled back up the stairs. [I]I think I am part of the revolt, it seems unavoidable now. Poor man, I don't think he wanted much. Actually, I don't know what he wanted. But I know what I want, and they won't let me have it. Isn't that the point of law and order? To give us avenues to obtain what we want? So, if the only way allowed by the order to move forward is to rebel, then rebellion is part of the order.[/I]

[COLOR="Sienna"][B]"Ah! I understand now! This revolution is part of the cycle, to set us free to progress. And now, I must participate to progress![/B][/COLOR] He shouted into the darkness of the stairwell, and began chanting and gesturing as he climbed. By the time he reached the top, back to his old cell block, he was accompanied by a swirling mass of elementals, mostly rocky forms that merged themselves with the stonework as they moved along with him. He followed the sounds of battle up towards the populated portions of the keep, finally erupting into the courtyard just in time to see the legions of Mechanus sweep the last of Khundarak's resistance away. [/spoiler] [spoiler=Statblock][URL=http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=385860][B][SIZE=+1]Karrth anak'Aliw[/SIZE][/B][/URL] Male LN Aasimar Summoner [Tome] 9/ Barrister 1, [B]Level[/B] 10, [B]Init[/B] +7, [B]HP[/B] 111/111, [B]Speed[/B] 55' [B]AC[/B] 30, [B]Touch[/B] 17, [B]Flat-footed[/B] 26, [B]Fort[/B] +12, [B]Ref[/B] +14, [B]Will[/B] +11, [B]Base Attack Bonus[/B] 4 [B] Feathered Mithral Breastplate +4[/B] (+9 Armor, +4 Dex, +4 Natural, +3 Deflect) [B]Abilities[/B] Str 8, Dex 18, Con 20, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 26 [B]Condition[/B] [spoiler=Summoner Features]

Full round summon spells only require a standard action to cast.

Once per day, summon spell has a 24 hour duration.

For purposes of spells like detect chaos, levels in Summoner count as Outsider hit dice.

Once per day, you can apply the effect of the Extend Spell feat to any spell you cast without increasing the level of the spell or specially preparing it ahead of time. You can still use Extend Spell normally if you have it. 1st and 2nd level summoning spells are freely extended.

Any ally within 30 feet of her may gain a +4 bonus for flanking instead of the normal +2 bonus as long as they can perceive the Summoner.

Once per day, a Summoner can attempt to summon outsiders with an alignment identical to her own. Summoning another creature of the same character level has a 40% chance of success, and summoning a creature of a lower level increases the chances of success by 10% for every level the Summoner's level exceeds the CR of the target.[/spoiler] [spoiler=Barrister Features]Seal the Contract (Su): At first level, a Barrister of the Nine may use any of the planar binding spells to seal an agreement between any two individuals. While the Barrister must cast the spell, one of the two individuals becomes the caster for the purposes of services owed and payments.

Corner Office (Sp): At 1st level, the Barrister gains an extraplanar office for his dealings. This effects may be used at will, and is in effect a magnificent mansion, except that it is the same location between castings, meaning that when the duration ends this extradimensional space is inaccessible, but items and creatures still be there when this ability is used again (effectively trapped unless planar travel magic is used). This location counts as the Prime for calling spells, and has a permanent calling circle and an unchanging layout.

Immunity Deal (Ex): A Barrister of the Nine is immune to energy drain and wisdom drain. [/spoiler] [spoiler=Feats]Master Summoner You are the like the goddamn Pokemon Master! These benefits apply only to the Summon Monster and Summon Natures Ally type spells. 0: All your summons have a minimum duration of 10 rounds. 1: All your summons receive a +4 enchantment bonus to strength and constitution. 3: All your summons are affected by the haste spell which cannot be dispelled. 6: Whenever you use Summon Monster or Summon Natures Ally you may cast two such spells as part of single standard action. 9: For the first turn that they are summoned your summons are immune to magic.

Familiar Connection

0: Gain a familiar as a sorcerer, if you do not already have one. 1: The Share Spells ability extends to 30' 4: Gain Improved Familiar as a bonus feat 6: You're familiar becomes stronger. It now has full BAB for its master's HD and its max HP is the same as its master. (instead of BAB equal to its master and 1/2 the HP of its master). 8: Gain a second familiar.

Dreadful Demeanor [Skill] People know you're a badass motherfvcker the instant you enter the room. Benefits: This is a skill feat that scales with your ranks in Intimidate.

   0 ranks: You gain +3 to your Intimidate checks. Intimidate is always a class skill for you.
   4 ranks: You can demoralize an opponent as a move action.
   9 ranks: Opponents you've demoralized remain Shaken until they lose sight of you.
   14 ranks: Opponents who would be Panicked because of your fear effects are Cowered instead for the duration of the effect.
   19 ranks: Any time you confirm a critical hit in melee, your target is Cowered until they lose sight of you. This is a fear effect.

Broker of the Infernal [General] Prerequisites: Knowledge (The Planes) 10, must be able to cast a spell of the [Calling] subtypeBenefit: When you possess the True Name of a creature, you may summon it with a Summon Monster spell. The version of the summon monster spell used must equal half their CR, as shown below. For all effects, this spell is a summoning spell, and functions as if the creature were a summoned monster, but if killed the creature is dead as normal and cannot be summoned again until it is returned from the dead.

Spell: Maximum CR

   Summon Monster I: 2
   Summon Monster II: 4
   Summon Monster III: 6
   Summon Monster IV: 8
   Summon Monster V: 10
   Summon Monster VI: 12
   Summon Monster VII: 14
   Summon Monster VIII: 16
   Summon Monster IX: 18 

[/spoiler] [spoiler=Spell List]

0—anticipate teleportation, caltrops, darkness, detect magic, detect poison, light, protection from alignment, read magic, resist planar alignment

1st—avoid planar effects, comprehend languages, grease, portal beacon, summon frost beast i, summon monster i, summon nature's ally i, summon undead i, wall of smoke, Lesser Vigor(AD)

2nd—analyze portal, baleful transposition, dimension hop, daylight, deeper darkness, entangle, phantom steed, planar tolerance, portal alarm, regroup, sleet storm, summon frost beast ii, summon monster ii, summon nature's ally ii, summon undead ii, tongues, web, wind wall, Glitterdust (AD)

3rd—clairaudience/clairvoyance, dimension step, dimensional anchor, greater anticipate teleportation, magic circle against alignment, plant growth, stinking cloud, summon frost beast iii, summon monster iii, summon nature's ally iii, summon undead iii, vipergout, wall of ice, Stinking Cloud (AD)

4th—dimension door, dismissal, instant summons, lesser planar ally, lesser planar binding, summon frost beast iv, summon monster iv, summon nature's ally iv, summon undead iv, wall of fire, Solid Fog (AD)

5th—dimension shuffle, dimensional lock, black tentacles, greater dimension door, plane shift, summon frost beast v, summon monster v, summon nature's ally v, summon undead v, teleport, wall of iron, wall of stone, word of recall [/spoiler]

[spoiler=True Names Known]CR 10: Couatl[spoiler=Couatl spells known]Lvl 0 known: (DC 13)(7/day)8 known: cure minor wounds, daze, disrupt undead, light, obscuring mist, ray of frost, read magic, resistance

Lvl 1 known: (DC 14)(7/day)5 known: mage armor, true strike, cause fear, alarm, silent image

Lvl 2 known: (DC 15)(7/day)4 known: scorching ray, silence, shatter, mirror image

Lvl 3 known: (DC 16)(6/day)3 known: major image, prayer, lightning bolt

Lvl 4 known: (DC 17)(4/day)2 known: freedom of movement, greater invisibility[/spoiler]

CR 8: Noble Djinn

CR 6: Babau Demon

CR 4: Barghest[/spoiler][/spoiler][/CENTER][r=2,1][IMG]housestreet.jpg[/IMG] [INDENT][SIZE="2"][COLOR="Gray"]Picture by Justin Engle[/COLOR][/SIZE][/INDENT][/table][CENTER][spoiler=Karrth's Chambers]Upon passing through the glimmering portal, a visitor finds himself standing in a dim stone cave. The chamber is roughly square, twenty feet to each side. The floor is raw stone as well, though polished to a dull shine. The chamber is dim, lit by a single globe of light set in the center of the ceiling. staircase, cut into the stone of the far wall, spirals up above. Otherwise, the chamber appears empty.

Walking up the stairs, the visitor emerges into the center of a large and brilliantly lit chamber. Magelights of various colors float idly through the room, casting odd shadows. The chamber is a gentle oval, fifty feet long and thirty wide. The walls here are dressed stone, though the masonry is almost entirely concealed by muted tapestry and curtains in dark earth tones. The floor is a dark slate tile, polished to a shine.

One half of the chamber is nearly empty. A gold circle, ten feet wide, has been set into the floor here. Additionally, narrow benches have been carved into the walls of this half of the other chamber.

The other half is dominated by a long, narrow, and low table. It is heaped with fruits, red meats, and heavy pastries. The table has no seating, but guests are clearly meant to use the piles of cushions and blankets to make themselves comfortable.

Six doors open from the main chamber.

Four of the doors - all arrayed against a single long side of the chamber - are simple wood doors, though finely polished. These doors are partially obscured by curtains and tapestries, but open inward and so are not troubled by the hanging cloth. Inside each of those four doors is a small chamber. Each chamber contains a feather mattress set on the floor, heaped with blankets and cushions similar to those in the main hall. There is also a small fireplace in each room, as well as a utilitarian desk, a simple, straight-backed chair, and an empty wardrobe.

The fifth door is polished stone and set into the main hall's narrow end behind the table. This room is obviously distinct from the others. It is square, with two additional stone doors in the opposite walls. The walls are the same dressed stone, but without decoration and polished to the same shine as the slate outside. The floor is alternating red and black tile. The room also has a small number of wood stalls, clearly designed for personal needs and ablutions. The the doors opposite open to an arc of similar stone rooms. Instead of stalls, these ten-foot-square rooms have only small pools of water, one extremely hot, one lukewarm, and one cold.

In the center of the long side of the main hall, opposite the four guest rooms, is a pair of stone doors. These open up into Karrth's personal chambers. His room is another oval, this one a bit smaller, about ten feet by thirty. The far end of the oval has a very large feather mattress, again heaped with cushions, furrs, and blankets. In the center of the room is a large pit fireplace, with two plush armchairs set beside. The other end has a large writing table with another simple straight-backed chair. The walls are lined with shelves, filled with scrolls, badly-bound books, and a nearly ridiculous vareity of weapons, armor, equipment, and gewgaws. [/spoiler][spoiler=Karrth's Master]Karrth only knows this being as '[b]It[/b].' From its appearance, Karrth has guessed that the being is some sort of air elemental, empowered by age until it has nearly reached a demi-god status. [b]It[/b] has spent a surprising amount of effort to teach Karrth, a surprising amount of energy training him, and a surprising amount of goodwill gifting him with inter-planar knowledge. Karrth doesn't know why [b]It[/b] has done this, and the boy doesn't have any guesses, either.

As to the theology that it has been teaching him, Karrth does understand the general idea, if not the specifics. Reality is a cycle - chaotic evil seeks to destroy good, but generally is the most successful at destroying those things that are less good. The strongest of chaotic evil turns into lawful evil, as laws maintain their strength. As law takes hold, stability brings prosperity and goodness. Once people and things are good, the law becomes unnecessary and things swing back to chaos. That chaos opens people up to the jealousy of evil again. And so on.

What is important is that each cycle leaves the world 'better' than before. Or at least more powerful. Each cycle generates magic and the energy that empowers Eberron and the planes. [b]It[/b] surely intends the cycle to continue, and to never stagnate in a single corner of the alignment system. [/spoiler][spoiler=Metagame Thoughts][fieldset=Hooks]The first, and most obvious, is the true nature of '[b]It[/b].' Is the elemental even an elemental? Is it the agent of some god, or other planar power? What does it really want with Karrth? For that matter, what would it take to get Karrth to go against [b]It[/b]'s instructions? It might actually be interesting if [b]It[/b] intends Karrth to be the prophet of some new religion or cult. There is also room for develepment - if any particular alignment gets too powerful, [b]It[/b] is going to want to topple that alignment to the next step of the cycle.

Karrth, despite his age, is quite naive. He has almost no experience with friendship, or with real comraderie. I'm not sure what he'll begin to do if he begins a relationship with anyone. He'll probably try to maintain some haughtiness, but he may also melt all at once after his defenses get pierced.

As a side quest, Karrth has any number of planar jaunts and contacts available. Not to mention questing for additional true-names to power his broker abilities.[/fieldset] [fieldset=Behavior](Obviously) Karrth relies on his summonings to accomplish most of his needs. Between the nature's ally, monster, and undead summoning lines, he can call creatures to fill nearly any need. He does, however, prefer various elementals.

So far as interpersonal relationships go, he usually has little trouble (26 charisma, woot!). That being said, when he has trouble, long habits mean that he generally attempts intimidation before more sugary methods. (i.e. intimidation skill gets used, not diplomacy. I'm assuming the same negotiation changes to diplomacy apply to intimidation as well, with the future penalty resulting from a bad failure as normal for intimidation).

In general, Karrth is cautious, unwilling to risk his own skin on anything short of a sure thing. Fortunately, he has a great deal of skin that isn't his own to rely on.

What I think will make him interesting is the fact that he's not really that smart, despite his power. He is impressionable, easy-to-mislead, and easily confused. [/fieldset] [fieldset=The mansion]As written, the power basically gives the PC(s) a safe place to rest each night, as well as a safe place to store items. His rooms have a selection of a great deal of the sorts of items that he could likely use - mostly clothing and jewelry though; the selection of weapons and armor is more limited - he only has a few pieces of lighter armor and simple weapons.

Given what you told us, I imagine thats ok, so long as those items are all of the minor and lesser variety. I figure that keeping them stored in an extra-dimensional home is better than carrying a wad of amulets to pick and choose from. [/fieldset][/spoiler][spoiler=Cohorts][fieldset=CR 10: Couatl, Kirbel]

Kirbel comes from Syrania, having made his home among the angels. In truth, he is an outcast, like the other survivors of his species. Even among the angels, he is tolerated at best.

Perhaps they would accept him better if he was more like his brethren and committed fully to the never ending test of arms against fiends and the forces of Khyber below. Kirbel instead preaches that angels should use their powers to aid and lift, and should restrain their righteous wrath.

Kirbel's true name was given to Karrth by [b]It[/b], and has been asked to aid Karrth in his journeys. Kirbel is quite cheerful in the quest, as Karrth seems much more receptive to his preaching than the angels of the Azure Sky.

Of all Karrth's cohorts, Kirbel spends the most time with the mage. The couatl usually appears as an elven sage, wraithed in incorporeality as he follows the plane-touched mage. He offers magic and even the strength of his body when asked for, and offers advice and guidance in Karrth's ear when unasked.[/fieldset] [fieldset=CR 8: Noble Djinn: Quiln] Quiln hails from Lamannia. She rules over a stretch of mountainside there, and is usually quite uninterested in mortal affairs. Like Kirbel, her name was given to Karrth by his master.

A part of her resents being bound by a mere mortal, but she has found that she usually enjoys the tasks he sets her when he calls. So, while that resentment often makes for a biting tongue, she usually throws herself into her work easily enough. [/fieldset] [fieldset=CR 6: Babau Demon, Rak] Rak comes from Shavarath. As bloodthirsty as his kind usually is, Rak does possess a certain cunning. Despite that cunning, Karrth himself tricked the name out of the demon, binding it to his call.

Karrth rarely calls on Rak, but when he does it usually means that violence is in the offing. [/fieldset] [fieldset=CR 4: Barghest, Shiver] Shiver comes from Mabar. The devil willingly gave Karrth his name in return for the opportunity to shed blood on the prime material plane.

Shiver is single minded and bloodthirsty. Karrth calls up Shiver when a scout is needed, or a violent distraction. [/fieldset]

[Spoiler=Meta-analysis]Kirbel typically accompanies Karrth all day long, per the summoned Cohort ability. Each night though, Kirbel casts augury: if the spell reveals that the Coatl risks death by remaining at Karrth's side the next day then Karrth usually releases him and calls up an elemental to walk by his side instead.[/spoiler][/spoiler][/CENTER]