Korban K'Kaal, Human Corymrian Crusader (FR)

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[table=2,1][r=1,1][CENTER][FONT="Garamond"][I][SIZE="5"]Korban K'kaal[/SIZE][/I][/FONT]

[FONT="Book Antiqua"][I]Day 1, Jacques Red: Bandits burnt and destroyed a caravan from Sembia, coming by way of the Dalelands. The caravan hadn't yet reached my fathers lands, but an example needs to be made. Fortunately the bandits were of the stupider sort. Jacques is the type who thinks of himself as a hero, he leaves calling cards. Which means I know who killed the merchants.

Day 4, Jacques Red: Spread some silver, Jacques' camp is apparently little more than a hole in the ground. A cave - not even connected to a deeper catacomb or dungeon that he could use to escape. I've got four of my father's men with me.

Day 5, Jacques Red: When we reached the cave we were challenged by a single sentry. We moved in and took the mouth of the cave easily. The bandits all but spitted themselves on our spears. Jacques had hidden himself beneath a trash heap. I hauled him out and killed him. We took all the useful gear collapsed the cave's mouth. The bandit's heads were spiked along the road as a warning. Jacques had an interesting weapon, I'll have to spend time with it.[/I][/FONT]

[spoiler=Mechanical Details][URL=http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=265732][B][SIZE=+1]Korban K'kaal[/SIZE][/B][/URL] Male LN Human Crusader 8, [B]Level[/B] 8, [B]Init[/B] +1, [B]HP[/B] / , [B]Speed[/B] 20' [B]AC[/B] 22, [B]Touch[/B] 12, [B]Flat-footed[/B] 21, [B]Fort[/B] +12, [B]Ref[/B] +5, [B]Will[/B] +4, [B]Base Attack Bonus[/B] 8/3 [B] +2 Pincer Staff (Improved Grab, Weap Dam Constrict) [/B] +16/14 (1d10+9, x2) [B] +2 Full Plate[/B] (+10 Armor, +1 Dex, +1 Deflect) [B]Abilities[/B] Str 22, Dex 12, Con 18, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 12 [B]Condition[/B] None [/spoiler] [spoiler=Description:]Tall and imposing without the wall-like stature of most men his height, Korban is about as big as a man can be without the blood of giants in his veins. His face sports a few small scars along his jaw, but nothing disfiguring. He keeps his hair cut extremely short so that his helm fits better, but his blue eyes regularly shine through the slots of his helm.

His armor is mismatched, bits scavenged here and there, and yet the care and time he spends maintaining it keeps it a surprisingly aesthetic whole. Of course, the fact that it makes him look like a wall keeps people from noticing differently made gauntlets. His massive staff almost looks like a spear, though instead of a true point it has an odd bit of articulated steel.[/spoiler] [spoiler=Personality:]Korban is stoic, straightforward, and a little bit mean. He has little patience for elaborate strategem and sneaking around - instead he prefers a much more straightforward approach. [/spoiler] [spoiler=Background:]Born in the stonelands, Korban has known warfare since his earliest memories. His father is a baron there, having carved out a small estate governed from a fortified watchtower. The Tor stood high enough to watch over a bit of farmland that hardly qualified to be a vegetable garden, and the barony was mostly supported by tolls taken on the stretch of highway that Baron K'Kaal patrol with his men.

Korban was taught to carry crossbow bolts to the battlements as soon as he could walk. As soon as he could pull back the crosspiece he was trained to fire them. He learned to fight with sword, shield, and spear as soon as he could hold child-sized versions. His mother protested occasionally that he never could play as a child, but given that even she sometimes had to take up a blade to defend her home she understood the necessity. Of course, the Baron found it easy to be proud of his son. At 12 the boy was tall as a man, and at 14 he had left behind the lanky form of youth. The muscled teen rode with the patrols, flushing bandits and killing orc-kind along the road, and not only survived but quickly won distinction among the men.

War and combat soon became Korban's life. Given that Stoneland titles are rarely hereditary, Korban took up hunting and fighting to support himself against the day when his father's estate escheated to the throne. With his size, resilience, and endurance he soon found himself riding alone, bringing down bandits and escorting caravans. Over the remaining years of his life he fought and battled, both learning from confrontation and accepting the teaching of every other warrior and soldier he passed by.

Of course, riding alone didn't get much done, so it was perhaps natural that he gravitated towards Lord Bashier's band of hunters. [/spoiler][/CENTER][/CENTER]