Kork Korban, Half-Orc Duskblade (HBS)

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][CENTER][SIZE="5"][FONT="Book Antiqua"][I]Kork Korban[/I][/FONT][/SIZE]

Half-Orc Duskblade Age 24

[spoiler=Personality & Appearance]Kork is a villainous-looking sort of fellow. His greyish skin is pocked and scarred by burns and acid, and his gear has the tattered and well-used look of thousands of alley thugs. Only one of his fangs protrudes from his mouth, the other was broken by some unspecified event in his past. His mixed heritage shows itself in clear and bright blue eyes, as well as surprisingly blond hair.

However, those who get over his looks find a surprisingly erudite and clever person. He likes to talk, and somewhere in his childhood he picked up a tendency towards purple prose. He is loyal almost to a fault, though a seriously pragmatic streak tempers most other fuzzy fealings he might possess. In a fight he is aggressive, relying on power and strength over misdirection to accomplish his goals; but he is capable of patience and planning to overcome difficult obstacles.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Background]Kork was born a slave in Corin. In many ways he was luckier than most of his kin. Instead of laboring his life and health away in mines and quarries he was purchased at an early age by a rather infirm wizard as an assistant. The mage mostly just wanted an inexpensive helper to lift and carry, but Kork showed surprising capability and his duties grew from that of a laborer into something more like an apprentice. As Kork entered early adulthood the wizard recognized that despite the half-orc's talents he would probably never become an especially talented wizard; thus Kork found himself enrolled in a series of fencing schools. Ostensibly the wizard wanted his own bodyguard trained (it was illegal in Corin to train slaves in war), but the old man had other plans. As the war with the barbarous southern empire heated up, the two moved north to Dyrenia. They traveled a bit as the wizard visited old colleagues, but there travels stalled as the old man grew sick. He finally died; Kork buried him on the side of a hill. With his possessions gathered, Kork decided that with little else to do he would journey the rest of the way into Fludwal, arriving through the gates just as the riots began. [/spoiler]