Korlian Empire Prestige Disciplines

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The teachings of the Empire's three great martial schools represent the pinnacle of ability when it comes to weaponry. Those who master the techniques are almost assured victory before they cross blades with their foes. However, bullets can fell even the most skilled fencer, and even the greatest swordsman cannot hope to prevail against overwhelming odds.



There are three martial schools in the Empire, each characterized by their techniques, history, and tradition. The Meckler School centers around the longsword and similar weapons, with a focus on powerful strokes to incapacitate a foe quickly and cleanly. In contrast, the Hermoza School focuses on quick, rapid attack with lighter weapons to confound defenses and drain a foe's strength. Most idiosyncratic of all, the Nassau School is adapted from the battlefield art of the pike square, focusing on using superior reach and controlling terrain to defeat enemies.

Gaining a Prestige School

Each school has its own associated feat which grants access to its maneuvers and stances. These feats have stringent prerequisites, which often prevents a character from learning maneuvers from more than one school, though adepts tutored in more than one school are not unheard of.

Each Prestige school has one or more martial disciplines associated with it. By entering a prestige school, a martial adept can then use the Greater Martial Study feat to learn higher level maneuvers and stances in the disciplines granted by the school. You must still meet class prerequisites to learn maneuvers granted by entering a prestige school.

Initiating a maneuver gained from a prestige school requires that the initiator use one of the school's preferred weapons. Stances do not face this restriction.

Finally, total mastery of a school grants access to a special capstone maneuver.

The Desert Wind discipline is not represented in the prestige schools. The dwarven Qibla School contains the higher level Desert Wind techniques, and no masters have yet traveled outside the dwarven lands.


All prestige school powers are 3rd and 4th level, with a single 5th level "capstone" ability in each school. All prestige school powers are gained through the Greater Martial Training feat, even those that are only 3rd level.

Capstone Powers

The capstone powers represent the pinnacle of training in a school, granting a single powerful maneuver that typifies its fighting style. The "School Mastery" feat grants access to a capstone ability in the chosen school. You may only have one capstone ability at a time, even if you have access to more than one prestige school.