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Dresden Files RPG: A Workshop

There's a lot of work to do to develop the remaining lessons. Please be patient and check back often!

Dresden Files the Role Playing Game isn't as widely known and played on Myth-Weavers as I'd like it to be. This workshop is an effort to change that by teaching players how to play, and offering tips to more experienced players on how to improve their experience. This should not be considered a replacement for owning the official rules: Your Story, or the Dresdenverse content book: Our World. If you intend to run a game, you should own the book.

There are one or more threads in the Gaming Discussion sub-weave for asking any questions you have, and posting your homework examples for others to critique.

How to use this Workshop

The Lesson Plan outline is the order in which I intend you to read and learn about the Dresden Files RPG. In each grouping of lessons there will be one or more links to Homework, or exercises I suggest you try, to help you learn about some of the trickier concepts of the game. Please post your Homework in the appropriate DFRPG thread in the Gaming Discussion sub-weave. Everyone involved with the Workshop will be monitoring those threads, and will be happy to discuss your efforts with you, and answer any questions you might have.

Lesson Plan


Fudge Dice and Myth-Weavers
The Rule of Cool and Cinematic Drama
Meta-Gaming Ain't Bad, It's Misunderstood
Aspects are Tricky and Poweful
The Economy of Fate
Homework: Create Your Own Aspects!

Where and What

Putting Down Roots (City Creation)
Homework: Create Your Theme or Threat, and associated Locations, Faces, and Aspects!

Who and Why

Character Concepts
Character Templates
Character Sheet Blank
High Concept and Trouble Aspects
Picking Great Character Aspects
The First Three (Background) Phases
Power Level, Refresh, and Skill Points
Skills and Trappings
Mortal Stunts
Supernatural Powers
Character Advancement


Skill challenges
Conflict (Physical, Mental and Social)
Declaring, Discovering, Invoking and Compelling aspects


Using Magic, both Thaumaturgy and Evocation

* Where appropriate we will actually do these things, creating them or running them in sample encounters so you can get an idea of how they work.

Helpful Links

Evil Hat's DFRPG Articles and Links
Dresden Files Roleplaying Game Fan Resources Stunts, Powers, Templates, Characters, Settings, Charts, Graphics, Tools (***Contains some Copyright material from the books, use at your own risk***)

Notes and Disclaimers:

  • What I won't do is give you the specific text of the rulebook, and I'm not going to talk much about the plot, world, or fluff of the Dresdenverse. You should go and buy the rule books and/or the series if you plan to use the things they've created.
  • I'm not an expert. I've played a few games and have run my own tabletop. I've thought a lot about the whys for the rules they've created. I've explained the rules to a bunch of people and feel like I have a handle on enough of it to give a taste to people who are interested.
  • Anyone is invited to help explain important concepts, but please keep away from sharing non-essential information. If it doesn't relate to a game mechanic, it probably doesn't belong in the Wiki.