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Living Forgotten Realms (LFR) is Wizards of the Coasts official RPGA living Campaign for 4E.

For links to further information go to Wizards LFR Events Page

LFR Character Creation Guide

The Living Forgotten Realms Character Creation Guide contains the official rules for creating and playing characters in Living Forgotten Realms. The latest version can be found here

Becoming a Player / Joining the DCI/RPGA

Currently the only way to join looks to be to fill out a DCI/RPGA Membership card and send it in. These cards should be available at all DCI & RPGA sanctioned events. Some people also might have blank cards. (Refer here for more info)

Becoming a DM / Running Private LFR Games

Once you have joined the DCI/RPGA you can submit a request to WotC though their website. There used to be an exam but that is either gone or only applicable to people wishing to run public events. (Refer here for more info)

Resources for DMs

Plenty of spoilers at the following sites so be careful you don't ruin any surprises for yourself if you end up playing any of these modules. There is no penalty for reading any of the information, the modules, replaying the same module or even playing a module you have ran except as far as your getting enjoyment out of being surprised is concerned.

Official Wiki Adventure List - Lists the modules and Major Quests with links to Author Details

LFR Compendium - Community Site with list sorting and reviews by DMs and players

LFR of Oxford - LFR Group with comprehensive LFR Information and lists

LFR Release & Quests Chart - Currently out of date but still could be useful.

Myth-Weavers Specific Information

Living Forgotten Realms : Adventure Paths - Modules Ran by and/or Planned by different DMs

Living Forgotten Realms : Adventure Companies - 'The Myth-Weavers' and any other company that people would like to list


This page is a work in progress as the structure and exact information to be recorded here is decided (ie local gm/player lists, adventuring companies, adventure paths, played modules, results). This page was created by me but it is meant to be a public resource so I am more than happy for people to add to it or suggest a better format/structure. This is a wiki after all. All feel free to contact me with suggestions, questions or additions. -Cyco