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Volume 2: The MW Reader Guide




Being a reader is a great way to learn new systems and acclimate to the play by post gaming style. It's also great for recreational reading and entertainment, as well as helping give inspiration for your own games and characters. No two games are alike - even the same pre-made adventure with mechanically identical characters can be a very different experience in two different gaming groups.

This page catalogs games that have been running consistently for at least two years, run smoothly, and welcome new members as readers. Feel free to apply to as many of these games as you wish. The listing is organized by governing rules systems and then listed alphabetically by title. Find out more about these games by reading the game description to see if it is a game you might be interested in following.

Reader Protocol

A Reader is not a Player or a GM. As a Reader, you gain access to all private content in the game forum, and should follow these guidelines:

  • Ask the GM if it is appropriate to post in the OOC.

Generally this is encouraged by most GMs but always ask, never assume. If you do, remember to keep posts interesting, concise and upbeat.

  • Do not post publicly about anything you read in a Private tag or thread, unless that knowledge has become public.

GMs and players use Private tags and threads for a reason, and divulging that information adds nothing to the game. More than likely, if you do it, you'll be removed by the GM, and possibly reported to a Moderator. You can certainly expect that the GM won't want you in any of his future games.

  • Do not discuss the story/game elements with the players other than in comments after-the-fact that do not impart meta-knowledge to the player.

Discussing advanced game mechanics or strategies, and generally giving the PC's ideas or solving puzzles for them is almost always frowned upon. Don't do it openly or in secret. The exception to this is when the players are genuinely stumped, and specifically ask for ideas. Try not to just hand them a solution, but offering suggestions for a direction to take is okay if they want help.


OK: Hey, Bob, that thing you did with the dragon was really cool!

Not OK: Hey Bob, you should use that rod of lightning you found in the last room on the water elemental, they are weak against lightning spells.

Sometimes OK: Didn't you guys find a clue a couple of rooms back? Whatever happened with that?

To apply as a Reader, view the game profile page and click the "Join Game" button. Set the type to join as to "reader" and then post a message as to why you are applying to the game as a reader. If you are accepted, you'll have access to view the game threads. Be sure to start at the beginning and work forward. You may even notice that some games may start off a bit rocky and later move towards great things as the PC's and GM's find their voices and styles and learn to work well together.

Featured Games Catalog

Games are cataloged by the system in which they run ,and systems are listed in alphabetical order, as are game titles. Not all systems are represented here. You can always apply as a reader to any game, however, these games are suggested specifically for new players as they are long running and have stable play groups with GM's and players willing to answer reader questions and mentor them if desired.

DnD 3.5

Evash: Ithra

Murder of Crows

Whispers in the Dark

DnD 4e

Epic of Corush: The Heroes

Scales of War

Red Hand of Doom (4e)


Spirit of the Century (Replacement Players)


The World of L'Tiene

Iron Heroes

Rysylis: The Saga

Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Super Heroes

Mutants and Masterminds

Claremont Academy

Savage Worlds

Sundered Skies


Forgotten Shadows

Star Wars

Dark Times: For a Few Credits More