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Welcome to the landing page for the (user created) Myth-Weavers Guides!

Here you will find all of the essential bits of data organized for your convenience.

These Guides are intended to facilitate the journey here at Myth Weavers and are not game system specific. Please note: they are only GUIDES. At Myth-Weavers, there is no one right way to participate. The materials here, though, can help anyone set themselves up for success.

While the guides are most beneficial to beginners during early articles, as the guides progress even experienced players and game masters alike will discover a plethora of advanced techniques and tools to help them perform at their best and get the most out of their Myth-Weavers experience.

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List of Primary Guides

Volume 1: The MW New Member Guide

This guide is essential for all users intending to take part in the Myth-Weavers Community. It introduces rudimentary concepts and also teaches fundamental techniques to help you participate on a basic level in the community.

Volume 2: The MW Reader Guide

This Guide is comparatively short as most of being a good reader requires that you read. Being a reader can do a lot for you as a gamer and a GM and this Guide features a list of great, long standing games run by excellent GM's with stable play groups that are willing to help mentor others.

Volume 3: The MW Player Guide

Perhaps getting over the hump to get selected for that first successful game is proving challenging, or maybe you're an experienced player just wanting to polish your existing skills. This guide covers the basic and advanced skill sets and responsibilities of being a player, and specifically covers many of the intricacies of PbP gaming.

Volume 4: The MW Game Master Guide

Have an idea for your own game but never GMed before? Struggling to get over the obstacles of GMing PbP? This guide is an excellent tool to help avoid many of the major pitfalls inherent in PbP GMing. Tips, tricks, and tools that will make your life easier and your game better can be found here. This guide is for both beginning and advanced GM's.

Volume 5: The MW Wiki Editor Guide

A Wiki page is a fantastic place to keep your homebrew material and game logs. If you find the prospect of setting one up and making it useful daunting, this is the place to look. This Guide will teach you all of the core skills required to be a wiki editor.

Volume 6: The Path to Moderation

The Apex of the MW journey, this guide will tell you the guidelines of how to become a moderator and what the senior staff looks for in a potential recruit.