Marauders of the Dune Sea

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A tale of (perhaps incidental) heroics in a blasted world.


Dramatis Personae

In which we meet those with a touch of Destiny about them.

Dram - Former Sergeant in the army of Tyr, now disgraced and working as a caravan guard.

Kaboomy - An odd human from the wastes.

Rerru Rikus - Called "The Stubborn". Rerru seeks revenge in a matter of family honor.

Solon Reins - Former templar to the sorcerer-king Kalak of Tyr.

Whisper Copperscale - A formidable Dray mercenary.

Persons of Interest

Other names who may or may not have specific relevance to the tale.

Trader Vic - A dune trader in the service of House Shom.

Rhotan Vor - The representative of House Shom responsible for activities in Altaruk, a trading outpost in the Tablelands.

Meepo - A silt runner.

Karlen - A shop own in Balic who sought the services of the heroes.

Places of Note

Locations relevant to our tale.

Altaruk - A trading outpost in the Tablelands.

The Broken Tower - A ruin some three hours south of Altaruk.

Balic - A major city in the Tablelands

The Tale, As We Know It

Morning Sun, Rising Heat

In which we meet our heroes and deal with the matter of missing goods. (Go to Chapter 0.)

Brouhaha in Balic's Bazarre

The heroes are sent on a relic-finding mission by the strange Karlen. (Go to Chapter 1.)