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This page contains programs, greasemonkey scripts and spreadsheets created by members who are willing to share their efforts with the community

SweetRein's Visual 4E Powers Tweaks

Script Download Location: Visual 4E Powers Tweaks

A screenshot can be found here

This is a greasemonkey script, requiring a compatible version of FireFox (2.*, 3.* should be fine) and the GreaseMonkey extension.

This script modifies the way the powers are displayed with any D&D 4e sheet on myth-weavers in the following manner:

  • Increases the power box size by a little over 2 lines. (+2.35 em)
  • Divides the powers among 3 columns, shifting equipment and rituals to a new page.
  • Colors powers using the last letter in their title, based on the 4E pattern of power coloring.
    • Ending a power name with W makes the power colored light green.
    • Ending a power name with E makes the power colored light maroon.
    • Ending a power name with D makes the power colored light gray.

How to install in Chrome

Chrome natively supports greasemonkey scripts. In 5.0.375.99 (Official Build 51029) (Go to the URL "about:version" to see), I was able to install simply by going to the Script above. If it shows an error loading screen, try navigating away and back. Select yes on the prompt to install as an extension. --Gralamin 04:11, 10 July 2010 (UTC)