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See also Myria @ Wikispace An Iron Heroes setting by Gygaxphobia for the Beyond Myria campaign. Some intro text in bold. Some intro text in italic. Some more text.


A heading

Another heading but now of the next size/level

  • Bullet
    • Bullet level 2
      • Bolded bullet level 3

The Next level of header

  1. Number list
  2. second in list
  3. third in list
    1. nest level

The fourth header (and so the one which auto-creates an index)


Various link types are available: Will add some more info when I have time

GM's Game Settings

A gaming site

The categories below give an idea of how to include categories. I have included various categories that don't make sense together- you'll only need some of those lines obviously, so remove the unwanted ones.

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