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About Myth-Weavers

Myth-Weavers was created in early 2006 as a place for a group of like-minded gamers to share something we loved: gaming. The original plan for the site was to provide an innovative and interactive experience for gamers of all types. To create the flexibility to play whatever system - or lack of same - any of our members preferred.

From less than a hundred members to over 4,000 active members, Myth-Weavers has become a place where gamers can come to enjoy the Play-by-Post experience, relax and banter with friends, and share opinions and ideas relevant to the gaming community. Since those early days, we have added more staff with varied talents, to better listen to, maintain, and grow the community we're building here. Our goal is to continue to release features and functions that provide a rich gaming experience for all our members. Our hope is that you enjoy your time as part of our community.

Welcome, and happy gaming!