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(Sketchy.. depends on who you ask.)

-Thousands of Years Ago: [REPLACE ELADRIN WITH ANCIENTS???]

   +Eladrin create the Warforged as guardians against some ancient foe whose name is lost to time.  A portion of them eventally rebel and set out for the Mundane World.
   +A few Eladrin groups, disillusioned with the Feywild, follow the Warforged into the Mundane World and go on to become elves.
   +The Death Knights of the Shadowfell establish the Obsidian Empire in modern Egypt.
   +A group of nomadic humans treats with an eldritch being and become Tieflings, forming the Turathi Empire in modern Iraq.
   +The Beast Lords watch over the wilds
   +The first Jade Dragon Emperor forms the empire of Arkhosia in modern East Asia.  His Dragonborn grandchildren become the upper beurocracy, lording over human and elven subjects.
   ((+Efreet come to modern Arabia and build the trade hub of the City of Brass.))
   +Dwarven cities of great size begin to appear

-Last few thousand years:

   +The human empire of Nerath is formed in the vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea
   +Drow build mighty, half-submerged cities in South America
   + Bael Turath goes to war with the Deva monks of Western Tibet.  The Empire eventually falls to external and internal enemies- including their famous hostilities with Arkhosia
   +Various Dragon Kings claim the throne of Arkhosia when the last Jade Dragon dies with no heir.  Warring states form and continue to feud for centuries, leaving many ruins in their wake.  (Dragonborn Samurai clans?  Hellz yeah!!)
   +Nerath spreads across most of Europe at the height of its power.
  +Nerath fights several stalemate battles with the Obsidian Empire before an Armistice line is drawn

-Last few hundred years:

   +High Cathedral of Pelor built in Nerath City.  Organized churches grow in power, dogmas spread.  Clerics, invokers, and avengers become common sights.
   +Nerathian ships reach Kaarum and the Atlia.
   +Settlers face hard resistance from indigenous goblinoids, drow, and other 'Barbarians' (shifters, and other natives)
   +The overstretched empire eventually collapses, leaving some areas destroyed and other rag-tag colonies and city-states to fend for themselves
   +Martial Guilds become prominent, organizing Martial heroes into fighting forces for hire
   +Dragonborn warlords in Arkhosia deposed
   +Large amounts of Arcanite begin to be traded from Eladrin merchant kings.  Technology advances rapidly.  Artistic/intellectual Renaissance begins

-About 100 Years Ago: THE FALL

A World of the Future....


Arcanite (A magical ore from the Feywild, used to power many magitech devices) gets corrupted by Far Realm energies and becomes Khaoticite. This ore can be used as a power source like Arcanite, but causes mutations and is the reason for the wastelands.

   -Khaoticite creates "Dire" versions of normal animals
   -Orcs.... "Dire Humans?"  Half-orcs perhaps are those who, for some reason, were more immne than others and retained more human features before becoming fully immune to the effects.  Very untrusted. (Really liking this idea) <- Very nice -Yeah, see orcs feel like they make sense as an "unclean" race brought about by the Fall.  

The Wastelands:

  - Pockets all over the place.
   - Far Realm Creatures in the worst parts
   - Gobliniods, and other monstrous creatures... (And they'd be immune to the effects of the Khaoticite) <- I think goblinoids would be pretty widespread.  Like hostile natives, living in small villages and robbing caravans
   - BIG FAT Wasteland dead smack in the centre of the US, With the Far Realm literally manifesting in the centre

Half-orcs: "The Plague" borought on by the fall created "Dire Men" (orcs.) Half-orcs were those not completely immune, but still affected to a lesser extent. They are a THIRD RACE, not created by interbreeding

Magic users have their own government. In ages past, they were too heavily influenced by nonmagical governments and forced to do their bidding. So they formed their own government, and now leaders have to talk to the Council if they want magical aid. Magic-users that are under the council's radar or refuse their supervision are Wild Cards, and considered dangerous. They are often given the choice of membership or death. Council scryers are employed to find new Arcane heroes and bring them before the Council of Hyperboria. You can't get into Hyperboria (or even find it) without an invitation. It's actually several hundred sites scattered throughout the world that are linked magically to appear to be a cohesive city by a powerful ritual. Even if you can break into one part of Hyperboria, the full city is not accessible from the outside.

The creation of a government, almost without exception, calls for some kind of civil war. Commerce and economy restructure as a side effect, and factions and parties are common. A breed of underground magic users that are not part of the system can saturate every city. A black market for magical assistance can be had. -

Within the magical government can exist different factions based on beliefs. Those who are traditional and tight asses who are very exclusive and picky about who gets to join, and there are those who are more open and strive for a community with the rest of the people. -Not sure it would be a matter of who "gets" to join... I don't think they'd tolerate non-members using magic at all.


What's the tech level for humans? Just beyond modern or super crazy cyber-future? Xavier: I don't mind a mix of both, actually. Even a hint of medieval alternative would be nice. Something like steampunk but with different kind of mix. Something more akin to Ghost-in-the-Shell type technology. Cybernetics, Hover Vehicles (Limited, basically replaces wheels), Robotics, Virtual Reality, Holograms

-So humans have computers, hovercars, hovertrains?, and APC merchant convoys with escorts.  Airships also a possibility, but rare because they get picked off by dragons, rimefire gryffs, etc.  HOVERBIKE RACING!
-Guns exist.  I think we could handle Automatic weapons with a Feat that works identical to power attack (when using firearms with an autofire setting, you can sacrifice ToHit for higher damage) <- I think McWoD had some good rules for this.
-North Atlantican Federated States (possible name) have a big satellite platform in the Astral Sea that lets them make phone calls across most of the world.  Possibly Europeans have something similar?
-Human cities: Huge concrete walls with spotlights, firing slits and guard towers.  Lots of glass, metal, and brick  Think of a medieval castle built with modern materials
-Elves also advanced but tend to be more eco-conscious (big parks, solar panels <-- Churches of Pelor all have solar panels  ;), wind mills, hydroelectric dams and geothermal stations)  Use mostly wood and stone for buildings
-Dwarves have underground cities with smokestacks constantly belching black soot.  Tunnels are bare stone or lined with Iron depending on where you are.  Extensive subterranean rail system that goes vertically and horizontally.  TANKS!  Steampunk-ish
-Arkhosia is similar to western human cities but with more eastern architecture.  Lots of uncivilised farming villages between the big cities
-Eladrin: crazy floating magitech cities.  Hmmm... Do they use guns?
-Most of the rest of the world is barbaric with middle-ages tech (except what they can steal)  Some races like Half-Orcs, Half-Elves, and Tieflings really don't have cities of their own- live with other races