Oratius Gatekeeper, Human Factotum Sailor (Sandbox)

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[b]Name:[/b][URL="http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=265349"]Oratius Gateopener[/URL] [b]Race:[/b]Phrenic Human [b]Class:[/b]Factotum 2 [spoiler=Appearance]An average youth, if anything marks him it is the lack of distinguishing features. Brown hair cut moderately short and held up with a simple hat. Brown eyes without unusual shade or spark. A well set mouth with less-than-full lips and less-than-white teeth. His hands lack the calluses of accomplished warriors and his stance is too firm to have spent time on the sea. Of course, those who know him tend to recognize an odd strength to him, a power behind his tongue and arm that seems unusual for his background and training - though those who know him best also know that those bits of strength are present in his relatives as well.

His clothing is decently cut, as a scion of a prosperous trading family he wears quality clothes, though never anything particularly flamboyant. He does have a heavy leather pea-coat that protects against the weather and other dangers; the fine musket he was gifted upon leaving home round out his looks. [/spoiler] [spoiler=Personality]Of course, the sheer normalcy of his appearance might be much more remarkable among the typical fare among the men before the mast. Every mannerism and gesture marks him as far more cerebral than a typical sailor. Even among the officers and elite of the ocean he stands out; his knowledge is not the hard won experience of one who has sailed since childhood, instead he reads and studies.

Oratus is quiet and sure of himself. Aggressive and bold in hostility, calm and conciliatory socially. [/spoiler] [spoiler=Background]Born to a middling merchant family Oratius was taught the fiddling skills needed by tradesmen. He learned to change money, calculate interest and set proper margins. He learned how to gauge the value of everything from cloth to zucchini. Of course, he learned enough to discover that running a shop left him bored silly.

By the time he was twenty he was entirely fed up with life. He'd already learned everything there was available to learn from the little shop (and a great deal besides that perhaps shouldn't have been available), and so he resolved to leave. Oratius was far to dutiful to simply run away, so after a series of talks with his family it was decided that he would go to sea. Ideally he was to learn to be a sailor and eventually gain a ship of his own in order to extend the Gateopener family's business along the coast. [/spoiler] [spoiler=What be makin ye think yer good 'nuff to join Cap'n Pierce's crew?][B]"Sir? I was under the impression that you were taking any who knew port from starboard... or perhaps any who simply refrained from said port."[/B]

As Simmons' expression darkened and the thunderclouds grew darker, Oratius pushed ahead,[B] "Of course, I am as good a sailor as any in these docks; I can splice a line and set a course. What I don't know I'll learn fast enough."[/B][/spoiler]