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The Immortal-Emperor is dead. Those who once declared loyalty now have the choice of staying loyal and keeping the Emperor together, possibly becoming the new King (Faction: Loyalist) or they can declare their independence and form their own nations (Faction: Independent). Either way, the fate of a continent, a faith, and a possibly a world, now rest in your hands.


No one knows what happened or even how it happened, but one day not too long ago, there was a great explosion in the Emperor's palace. Fire rolled out and down the corridors, burning alive everyone in it's way. Dark clouds gathered over the palace and lightning struck the palace again and again. Those still alive in the palace fled from it, fearful for their lives. Chunks of ice and stone began to pelt the palace area and the last to flee the palace say they could hear the Immortal-Emperor's voice echoes throughout the palace hallways in challenge. The ground itself shook and parts of the palace collapsed in on itself. Within the span of thirty minutes though, it was all over. A pale beam of yellow light shot up from the palace into the sky and then faded without a sound. It took days to find the body of the Immortal-Emperor, his body drawn and quartered like a common criminal, with his bodiless head placed upon the seat of his throne, lifeless eyes staring out at nothing.


The Calendar is made up of 12 months, each with 28 days. Each season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) is made up of three months, starting with the first three months of the year being Spring.

Societal Influences from the DM

I have attempted to create a kingdom which reflects the fact that magic is used as it is in the SRD and thus is somewhat common in the world. While magic is common, most magic is mundane magic, not adventuring magic. Most people stay rooted in their community and do not take to wandering; therefore, a real society uses their magic and creates items to help everyday life. Wealthy individuals have more mundane magic than adventuring magic, because, on a day-to-day basis, they use the mundane magic more. Magic focuses on crops, medicine, craftsmanship, labor, and entertainment more than on dungeon delving.

Acceptable Source Materials

Wizards of the Coast Material

  1. SRD (PHB I, DMG I, MM I)
  2. Stronghold Builders Guidebook
  3. Complete Adventurer
  4. Complete Arcane
  5. Complete Divine
  6. Complete Warrior

Non-Wizard's of the Coast Material

  1. AEG's - Empire
  2. Atlas Games - Dynasties and Demagogues. The Sourcebook of Political Intrigue
  3. Malhavoc Press - Requiem for a God

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