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Duotrope - A writer's resource for finding publishers, with a variety of other free offerings.

An award-winning, free writers' resource listing over 3400 current Fiction and Poetry publications. Use this page to search for markets that may make a fine home for the piece you just polished.

Fiction Factor - The Online Magazine for Fiction Writers (contributed by Tzeentch)

Every month we will feature tips on writing better fiction, articles on improving your writing, tips on fiction writing, learn to write a novel and get stories published, promoting and marketing your fiction and much more!

Serendipity Plot Twist Generator - "What you need now is a rocket launcher."

Sometimes, you just don't know what comes next. Fortunately, this generator does. Created especially for WriMos.

Serendipity Random Generators - A vast array of random generators to destroy any type of block whatsoever. With a nuclear bomb.

Many of my generators deal either with the fantasy genre or with Les Misérables, of which I am inordinately fond. There's also some more mundane and/or otherly fannish stuff, but that's the focus.

Writer's Digest - Motivational prompts and tips.

Every issue of Writer’s Digest magazine is devoted to helping writers develop their craft and hone their publishing acumen.

Writer's Free Reference - A huge, ever-growing list of resources for writers. You can find almost anything on it.

Writer's Free Reference was first published in August 1992 with 12 links to other websites providing free information for writers. Over the years, it has grown to over 200 links to a wide variety of information, not only for writers, but also for students, teachers, businessmen and women, researchers, and anyone looking for any type of data.

Dr Wicked's "Write or Die - Putting the prod in productivity, as the developed of this great tool says.

Write or Die is a web application that encourages writing by punishing the tendency to avoid writing. Start typing in the box. As long as you keep typing, you’re fine, but once you stop typing, you have a grace period of a certain number of seconds and then there are consequences.

Quotes about Writing - Wise words and witty lines about the art of writing from various authors. Great for motivation.

Quotations Page - A collection of quotes, browsable by subject.

Character Flaws - A list of character flaws. Great for fleshing out your characters. Can be used in RP's, too.

The Ultimate Character Questionnaire - Get to know everything you'd ever wish for about your character -- perhaps even more.

Random Book Title Generator - Don't know what to name your new work of fiction? Look here for inspiration!

Behind the Name (First Names) and Behind the Name (Surnames) - Can't find the right name for the hero of your novel? Don't fret; Behind the Name has the solution to your problem!

Hair Color Chart - What hair color does your characters have?

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

To join the SFWA, you must have published one novel or three works of fiction in any of the following sources:

Other places to get published, friendly to those outside the US: