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Use of Quotes

Do not quote whole posts where the quoted post is more than a few lines as a solid block. Quote only that part to which your own post relates. It is often sufficient to address the previous poster by name if the conetxt is appropriate.

Reference by Page Number

Don't, it's meaningless. Page counts are dependant on each members personal settings ranging from 10 posts per page to 30 per page.

Large Images

Don't post large images with [img] tags in a post in a manner which clutters the thread and forces the image to be viewed. Always use spoiler tags for large images, especially in public forums. Exceptions are made for image based games in Non-Seq.


Excessive use of obscenity is unacceptable, auto censoring is not a defense. PbP is prose based, the use of leet(alapha->numeric character substitution) is not permitted.