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GMs Duty of Care to Players

It is reasonable that players expect to be kept informed. Real life issues sometimes preclude this but if a GM is able to visit the site then briefly explaining why no posting is occurring in game or that a game is being mothballed is expected.

GMs Duty of Care to the Site

GMs need to be aware of the site rules and have a responsibility to report any problems within their game forum or game advertisement threads. If problems are occurring a reminder of the rules to the player in question is fine but no more, if reminders are ignored or debated it's time to alert staff with the report button.

Game Scope

Games must not include explicit sexual content, as games are subject to all site content rules.

Game Forum

Game forums are specifically for games. They are not repositories for private notes, collections of characters or any other use which is not clearly a game.

Game Advertising

Myth Weavers exists as a complete play-by-post gaming website. Advertising other sites on Myth Weavers or using parts of Myth Weavers to advertise games that will be played exclusively on other sites is not permitted. Feel free to use site resources such as sheets and wiki but do not advertise the game.

Use of the Games & Ads forum to advertise for your game is permissible if and only if the game is being played in some capacity via Myth-Weavers, and the ad title and description explicitly call out any external tool usage. While you are free to establish a game here and play via Roll20, IRC, Skype, or Tabletop, etc, at least some part of the gaming must take place at Myth-Weavers. That can come in many forms, including but not limited to an adventure log or OOC forum.

Again, games are subject to all site content rules, which means that linking to inappropriate material is still prohibited.