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The Spirit of Myth-Weavers Law

A Myth-Weaver is a Human Being, a Community Member, and a Gamer, all at once.

Reading, remembering, and adopting these three key points will help us sustain a friendly spirit here at MW that we can all be proud of. Here at MW, one should always be:

  • A Human Being
    Being a Myth-Weaver as a Human Being means respecting the fundamental right to exist and be judged only by their actions. This means no racism, sexism, or other forms of bigotry. Threats of any kind are also intolerable.
  • A Community Member
    Being a Myth-Weaver as a Community Member means being nice to each other and doing things that help the community, not hurt it. Being nice means following a common code of etiquette that does not stand for harsh language, explicit sexual content, name calling, demoralizing, or otherwise attacking/demeaning a fellow Human Being. A Community Member also respects the staff, refrains from advertising for different online gaming options, and follows other site policies. This goes beyond what is required of a Human Being, but is necessary to foster a warm, open, and welcoming community.
  • A Gamer
    Being a Myth-Weaver as a Gamer means having fun. Make the most of the wonderful resources here without harming other Gamers' fun. This implies not attempting to cheat at your games, not hacking the dice, and not roleplaying for other players in your posts. If you can work with your fellow Gamers to have fun playing RPGs, you definitely will at Myth-Weavers.

A Myth-Weaver is a Human Being, a Community Member, and a Gamer, all at once.