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Infractions and Points

Infractions each carry a differing number of points which remain valid for a limited period of time. Whilst these points are valid they count towards a total which can result in a ban. Twelve points will result in a temporary ban lasting for seven days. Repeat behavior will result in escalating disciplinary action, including a temporary ban and in some cases a permanent ban from Myth Weavers.

Appealing Staff Decisions

If you disagree with a staff ruling or feel you have received disciplinary action inappropriately you have the option to appeal. A successful appeal can result in the infraction being reversed or the points being adjusted. The only recognised procedure to lodge an appeal is to PM Colin .

The same procedure applies to complaints regarding any staff activity or posts.

Disciplinary Action

As an open, friendly community, we prefer to solve problems through civilized discussion and we will endeavour to do so where appropriate. This is normally done in the form of infractions and public or private reprimand (a zero point warning infraction). Repeated or flagrant infractions may result in banning normally based on 12 points or 8 infractions but may be implemented on an ad hoc basis. If you cannot integrate amiably and respectfully into our community, if you cannot follow staff requests, then you do not belong here.

If you want further explanation or clarification from the issuing staff member do so via pm.

If you feel you have been unfairly punished follow the appeals procedure detailed above.

Moderator Posts

Our moderation staff is pulled directly from the player base. These moderators are also gamers; they enjoy conversing with the various denizens of the Weave, and generally like to have a good time.

If a moderator posts in a thread, this is often to take part in a discussion. However, if a thread is getting off track, or is derailed down a path that will eventually result in a locked thread or other issues, a moderator may choose to post a reminder. This is an official nudge to get the thread back on track, and will be highlighted (bold blue text). It may be done for a number of reasons, but in all cases remember that there is no blame assigned to anyone, but the overall tone or direction of the thread will need to change so that discussion can continue.


In the Myth-Weavers' moderation system, all official communications between the moderators and the members of the community are tracked in our database. This allows transparency so that senior moderators or administrators can make sure that the quality of moderation is up to the standards for which we strive on the Weave.

The lowest level of moderator communication tracked in our database is a Warning. This does not result in any negative consequences; it is used solely as a tracking tool. Please do not assume that if you see a warning, it automatically follows that you did something wrong, or broke site rules in some way. This can be issued when a moderator sees a post that has the potential to go the wrong direction, or is skirting the edges of the rules, unconsciously or not. The text of the message from the moderator will let you know the severity of the issue at hand.

Policy Enforcement

Myth-Weavers site staff reserves the right to edit, delete, or undelete any message for any reason with or without notification to the poster, and the right to restrict individuals from site membership or services. Finally, Myth-Weavers site staff reserves the right to enforce, or not to enforce, these or any other rules in any manner seen fit.

In other words -- If you can't follow the policies of the site and be nice to each other, the staff can and will kick you out.