Soulknife Fix(3.5 Class)

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The class is now as presented here:

Hit Dice, Saves, Skills, Skill Points, and Base Attack Bonus are unchanged from the original

Level Special

 1     Hidden Talent, Mind Blade, Weapon Focus (Mind Blade)
 2     Mind Blade Enhancement (+1), Throw Mind Blade
 3     Attentive Soul, Psychic Strike +1d8
 4     Bonus feat, Psychic Might, Mind Blade Enhancement (+2)
 5     Free Draw, Shape Mind Blade
 6     Mind Blade Enhancement (+3), Psychic Strike (+2d8), Speed of Thought
 7     Soul Steel (DR)
 8     Bonus Feat, Mind Blade Enhancement (+4)
 9     Bladewind, Greater Weapon Focus (Mind Blade), Psychic Strike +3d8
10     Mind Blade Enhancement (+5)
11     Soul Steel (alignment), Uplifting Thought
12     Bonus Feat, Mind Blade Enhancement (+6), Psychic Strike +4d8
13     Knife to the Soul
14     Mind Blade Enhancement (+7), Project Senses
15     Psychic Strike +5d8, Soul Steel (Regeneration)
16     Bonus Feat, Mind Blade Enhancement (+8)
17     Immortal Soul
18     Mind Blade Enhancement (+9), Psychic Strike +6d8
20     Bonus Feat, Mind Blade Enhancement (+10), Soul Avatar
  • Hidden Talent at 1st level instead of Wild Talent. The Soulknife has a manifester level equal to his Soulknife level, and Wisdom is the manifesting ability. A Soulknife gains bonus power points from a high Wisdom score.
  • Mind Blade Enhancement is changed to the total bonus instead of advancing enhancement bonus at some levels and weapon properties at others. A Mind Blade must still have at least a +1 enhancement bonus before any properties can be assigned. The total effective bonus of the Mind Blade is equal to 1/2 Soulknife level. In addition, the Mind Blade can have any property applied to it, so long as it is still a legal property for the weapon type in question (ex: a Soulknife who's Mind Blade is in the shape of two Short Swords cannot apply the Vorpal property). Finally, a Soulknife treats their base attack bonus as equal to their Soulknife level (plus their base attack bonus from levels in any other class) when attacking with their Mind Blade.
  • Multiple throw: folded into the Throw Mind Blade class feature.
  • Bonus Fighter or Psionic Feat at 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter. In addition, a Soulknife qualifies for feats as a Fighter, but only if applying those feats to his Mind Blade. He may also select Hidden Talent for these bonus feats.
  • Psychic Strike starts at 3rd level and increases every three levels.
  • Shape Mind Blade can be used to reshape the Mind Blade into any light or one-handed martial weapon, a Dwarven Waraxe, a Maul (Complete Warrior, page 154), or any exotic melee weapon the Soulknife is proficient with in addition to the options already presented. If formed as light weapons, it can be split into two of the same weapon instead of just two short swords.

Attentive Soul (Su): At 3rd level, a Soulknife begins to notice things sooner than others and is able to react more quickly. While psionically focused, he recieves an insight bonus equal to 1/2 his Soulknife level on Spot, Listen, Search, and Sense Motive checks and an insight bonus equal to 1/3 his Soulknife level on Initiative checks. He also gains the benefit of Uncanny Dodge while focused.

Psychic Might (Su): At 4th level, a Soulknife discovers another aspect of his weapon being brought on by his mind instead of a physical form. He may now use his Wisdom Modifier in place of his Strength Modifier for melee attack rolls and on all damage rolls with his Mind Blade and instead of his Dexterity modifier on ranged attack rolls. The bonus damage is handled exactly like it is when using Strength, so a Soulknife wielding his Mind Blade in two hands adds 1-1/2 times his Wisdom Modifier to damage.

Soul Steel (Su): At 7th level, a Soulknife has learned how to mimic substances with his Mind Blade. His Mind Blade is treated as the material of his choice for overcoming Damage Reduction, but not for any other purpose. He can change the emulated material when he reassigns his Mind Blade Enhancement. In addition, at 11th level, the Mind Blade matches the Soulknife's own alignment. At 15th level, his Mind Blade is treated as the selected material for dealing lethal damage to creatures with regeneration as well, but it still has no other properties of the selected material.

Uplifting Thought (Su): At 11th level, a Soulknife can literally lift himself up on the wings of his soul. He can now manifest semi-solid wings, enabling him to fly. While projecting the wings, he gains a fly speed equal to his base land speed +20 feet with Good manuverability. It takes a move action to generate the wings, but he can dismiss them as a free action. Manifesting these wings does not harm any worn clothing or armor, nor do such things inhibit the wings.

Project Senses (Su): At 14th level, a Soulknife can project a bit of his soul to observe an area that he normally could not. By expending his psionic focus as a full-round action, he can view any area within 10 feet per class level as though by the Remote Viewing power. This lasts for a number of rounds equal to the Soulknife's Wisdom modifier (minimum 1) or until he regains his psionic focus, whichever comes first.

Immortal Soul (Su): At 17th level Soulknife can continue fighting, even beyond death. Whenever a Soulknife would die, whether by a death effect, energy drain, constitution loss, dropping to -10 hit points, or anything else that would normally kill him, he may spend one power point to act normally for another round. This continues until the Soulknife either chooses to stop paying power points or runs out. If the circumstances have changed so that he would no longer die (such as reaching -9 or more hit points or having enough negative levels removed), then the Soulknife survives, although he is dazed for 1 round, loses his psionic focus, and cannot regain his psionic focus for 5 rounds, due to the toll this takes on his abilities. Death Effects are not survivable: the Soulknife simply delays their effects with this ability.

Soul Avatar (Su): At 20th level, a Soulknife reaches the epitome of his abilities. Instead of just projecting a weapon of psychic energy, he can project his very soul from his body, rampaging alongside his body for a short time. As a Swift Action, a Soulknife can expend his psionic focus to project his soul. This takes the form of a semi-solid copy of his body composed of the same psychic energy that makes up his mind blade. Treat this copy as identical to the Soulknife in every way (including any ongoing spell effects, equipment, etc.) except that it is immune to all ability damage, ability drain, poison, sleep, paralysis, mind affecting effects, blinding, deafening, fatigue, exhaustion, stunning, dazing, Sickening, Nauseaitng, and suffocation and damage except for Positive and Negative Energy. That instead is dealt to the Soulknife himself. The same is true of Energy Drain, which affects the Soulknife instead of his copy. The Soulknife himself, however, is immune to these effects if targeted or caught within the area. In this state, the Soulknife can act normally, and the copy acts on his initiative. Any spells that the copy casts or power points that the copy spends are deducted from the Soulknife's daily allotment. Likewise, any experience cost associated with any action of the copy must be paid by the Soulknife. The copy appears adjacent to the Soulknife. The Soulknife must pay 2 power points each round to maintain the Soul Avatar. This ability ends when the Soulknife either stops paying the power points or runs out, but the Soulknife can reactivate this ability at a later time if he still has sufficient power points. A Soulknife can only have one Soul Avatar active at a time.