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" advice is to seek a group that makes you feel welcome and with whom you have fun. The best system in the world is worthless without a good group of people to play with." -Wolflord-

Most GMs are already familiar with one type of system as a player, and at first it's generally best to stick with the system you know. But if you haven't decided yet, or are looking to expand your options as a GM, listed below are the top used systems on MW, each with a brief description.

In some cases, it may be more prudent to determine the appropriate setting first and let that decide which system you will use, though any system can be adapted to fit a setting, and many systems are designed to be universal, not requiring adaptation rules.

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following systems:

D20 System - Dungeons & Dragons, Mutants and Masterminds, Star Wars Saga, D20 Modern, Pathfinder

Storyteller System - World of Darkness (NWoD, OWoD), Scion, Exalted

GURPS System - Generic Universal Role-Playing System. Can be applied to any setting.

Roll and Keep System - 7th Sea, Legend of the 5 Rings

Cortex System - Serenity, Supernatural

TRI-Stat System - Big Eyes Small Mouth(BESM)

Unisystem - All Flesh Must Be Eaten

Brutal System - Corporation

Basic Role Playing System - Call of Cthulhu

HERO System - Champions

Savage Worlds System - Deadlands: Reloaded

Megaversal System - RIFTS Robotech, TMNT, Ninjas and Superspies, Heroes Unlimited, Palladium Fantasy, Recon, Nightbane, Chaos Earth, Dead Reign, Splicers, Mechanoids

Fate System - Dresden Files, Spirit of the Century

Interlock System

D6 System

FASERIP System - Marvel Superheroes

Window System

Warhammer System - Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay(various editions)

For a list of Free Gaming Systems and OGL/SRD content, please visit the Free Systems Reference Page.

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