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Where's the forum tags help page? It's not linked here.

That's because it's linked here

This is probably a mute point since you have already rolled out MediaWiki, but Confluence (a wiki) by Atlassian ( is a commercial wiki product that allows non-profit and open source sites to use its wiki software for free. The company I work for uses Confluence extensively and it's the best, as far as I'm concerned. The wiki markup is very robust yet simple. No "double dashes" or "quadruple dashses" to get various's just h1. h2. h3. etc...

Also there is a commercial plugin for Confluence called "Gliffy" that is an online/flash Visio clone. I use gliffy right now in my game on Myth-weavers for maps that everyone can log in and move their own avatar around. It's $1000 bucks for the plugin, but if you had Confluence and this gliffy plugin, you could have every MW user with wiki pages with maps, etc...

If anyone ever reads this and is interested, I'm Omnis ...PM me.

Other Wikis?

I run a very large wiki that's dedicated completely to homebrew and OGL content. I never saw a linkage policy, but I noticed that your homebrew sections were pretty tiny so I thought it might be a useful service. Let me know if I can drop a link somewhere or not. Surgo 20:11, 30 March 2010 (UTC)

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