The Nameless Secrets

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RED text are entries that may or may not be correctly placed in time.

The 1810's

  • 1812
    • Anton Arnheim is born.

The 1840's

  • 1846
    • Bobby Silvernails is born.

The 1850's

  • 1851
    • The Great Exhibition (the first World's Fair) was held at the Crystal Palace, with great success and international attention.
  • 1854
    • Dr. Anton Arnheim (age:42) fights in the Crimean until it's end in 1856.

The 1860's

  • 1860
  • Bobby Silvernail's (age:14) father dies at Saint Luke's Hospital for Lunatics.
  • Bobby and Dr. Arnheim (age:48) meet for the firs time.
  • 1863
    • Bobby (age:17) leaves the orphanage and begins living on the streets of London.
  • 1865
    • Bobby (age:19) meets the puppy Mischief.
  • 1866
    • Bobby (age:20) unknowingly tries to con Dr. Arnheim (age:54). Bobby works occasionally for the Doctor from now on.

The 1870's

  • 1871
    • March 29: The Royal Albert Hall is opened by Queen Victoria.
    • April 12: Dr. Anton Arnheim (age:59) summons a group of younger acquaintances to help him with a particular problem.
      • Bobby Silvernails (age:25), Mischief (age:6)
      • Ashton Brokes (age:)