The Right To Rule

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Please Bear in mind that this is a Work in progress and more shall be added over time.

The Empire of Emperor Zandros was a grand one indeed. The land surrounding the Imperial City is filled with small farming villages tending to the plains of growing wheat and fields full of livestock. The occasional hill breaks the smooth landscape, maybe the odd mine built deep beneath ground within.

To the far north the Empire hits the Northlands, a land covered in mountainous terrain blanketed with Snow and Ice, here remains one of the last few Dwarven Cities this one called Kazag’Thel which trade rare ores and Gems as a form of tax towards the Empire.

To the west of the Empire within its boundaries are the Great Forests of Elswer; last sanctuary of the Wild Elves seas of trees cover this region with the occasional lake here and there and even though the Empire rules the land they do not dare enter the forest for while humans may rule the land the forest and its inhabitants do not bow down easily.

To the east of the Empire is the blistering deserts of Ishtar filled with dunes and large cities filled with bazaars offering all sorts of exotic merchandise. The people here are as stubborn as the Sand itself, proud and very loyal once you’ve made a friend with an Ishtarian you’ve made a friend for life.

To the South the Swamplands a region which is far more likely to eat you alive than let you pass through safely here the Lizard men tribes thrives and go about their business beneath Imperial decree. Trading the many monster parts such as hides and scales they hunt with the Empire as a form of Tax, similar to the Dwarves.

The Day that Emperor Zandros the VI passed away was a dark day indeed. He left no heirs to his Dynasty, No one to continue ruling the Glory that is the Empire. His death came to some as a mixed blessing, Zandros ruled his empire with a Iron Fist, The military had a high presence in the streets, Taxes were fairly high; the merchants, middle classes and Nobility did not suffer much, While the Lower classes were mostly forgotten.

Yes it Could be said that many would View him as a Tyrant but he justified these methods by claiming that with the High Military Presence and the Taxes, Crime Rates had dropped significantly and there had not been a War with another Nation for at least fifty years. These claims were true but at the cost of the Poor having empty pockets and the Empires Coffers full.

A week has passed since his Funeral. And already fighting has begun to break out. The Courts and other Nobility that were Loyal to the Emperor have deemed themselves the most responsible to take the Emperors Throne and continue ruling just like the late Emperor himself did. Those that oppose the Loyalists are known as the Revolutionaries minor Nobles that have seen the late Emperors passing as a chance to make a change to the way the Emperor was ruled before and make life fairer for all. Many have swelled to this cause as the Poor and downtrodden outnumber those of the Upper classes.

In the same week hostilities between the two factions have begun to arise. While their leaders High Bishop Augustus and Duke Vladmir Hanson of the Loyalists and High Maiden Ilfana and Lord Maxwell of the Revolutionaries have not declared open war on one another their troops however have started taking matters into their own hands, small skirmishes have started across the land between the soldiers and the many fields that surround the Empire are no longer green and lush but now the bloodied tombs of many a soldier.

Many have begun to wonder what awaits the Empire. Will the Loyalists remain in power and continue ruling as the Emperor himself used too? Or will the Revolutionaries finally take the Throne and bring change throughout the land? Many have turned to the Gods for answers or signs of what will happen but none have answered or given a sign as to what the outcome of the conflict will be.

What about you? You’ve always known you were different from the others, from the day you began to notice the signs you knew you were destined to be part of something great. Throughout your training you always hit the dummies harder, hit the targets at the range more accurately, casted spells more potently and learned at a much faster rate than everyone else. Those who noticed these traits too began to make comments, rumours about “Ancient Power” running through your veins, such comments meant nothing to you however as you grew up and became the person you are now…

So.. What about you? Are you Loyalist? How about a Revolutionary? Or are you just looking for the next good fight? Or are you looking to be sat down on the Throne yourself one day? Why not.. After all it is empty…….

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