The Twilight War

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Note: This page is a work in progress.

The World

  • Aruldusk: City in Free States of Midland. Population: 11,000
  • Brennan
  • The Kodari Temple



  • House Tremayne
    • Lord Trevyas (deceased): Former ruler of Aruldusk
    • Lord Piers (human, 25): Current ruler of Aruldusk
  • Vees (): Adviser to the ruler of Aruldusk
  • The Nedion Family
    • Aeolien
    • Celi Nedion
    • Jovin Nedion
  • House Gadaen
    • Dered (elf): Head Elder of House Gadaen. Retired High-Magi of the Emerald Eyes Guild
    • Jyssea (half-elf, 24): Youngest of 4 half-elf daughters and 3 brothers. The second to truly make a name for herself at only the age of twenty one, she is a slim, lithe woman of surpassing beauty and impish green twinkling eyes; for many have pursued her hand in marriage, but no one has yet swayed her heart. Charming by nature, she is a consummate actress and a natural judge of character. Jyssea is comfortable in both forester’s skins and leathers as well as splendid finery, and is generally lighthearted, merry, a fondness for young children, and fearless. She dislikes troublemakers and those who spin deliberate untruths for harmful reasons. She is widely admired by nobles, guildsfolk, and common citizens alike, although some fear that she is by far to young to be granted the ruling seat of the house and believe that too many hurtles have been placed in her way by her elder brothers.
    • Jurisk (half-elf, 48): Jurisk is a fat, fleshy, black-bearded half-elf whose cunning is matched only by his greed and lust for power that has only blinded him to the current state of the house… Jurisk’s first loyalty is to himself; his father’s house and Aruldusk a very distant second, if at all. Jurisk being the eldest of the children, he has vocally claimed the seat will be his and has come to deeply despise his youngest sister’s growing popularity among the populace of the city and new influences that she has come to gain over the past few months. Although he remains part of House Gadaen, Jurisk rarely returns to Gadaen Manor these days, a place that has fallen increasingly under the sway of his youngest sister. He has come to spend most of his time at the tavern that he wrested from one his brothers through blackmail, “The Green Leaf.” Under Jurisk’s control this has become the most expensive and most lavish inn in the Castle Ward and prices for rooms start at twenty gold pieces per night and go as high as fifty gold pieces. Accommodations include multiroom suites, constant gourmet food service, scented linens and incense wafting through the entire place, in-room facilities, in-room bathing, laundry services, and a vast selection of rare wines from around the world. Every fixture and piece of furniture in the building is handcrafted, but this hasn’t seemed to draw the business back from the established hold of “The Greatsword’s Rest.” Jurisk has begun to scoff at the half-orc owner’s success. Jurisk is a master manipulator who enjoys bending others to his will. He regularly exercises influence over the judgments of his other brothers and others in high positions of power through a combination of blackmail, careful prevarication, and a similarly natural charisma…it seems only time that Jurisk will make his
  • A Tangled Web
    • Aeolien
    • Alya
    • Celi Nedion
    • Dunn
    • Imsh
  • The Greatswords Rest (see page for further information on NPCs)
    • Artin Hammerslate
    • Darian the Southlander
    • Janyk
    • Myssia Alyre Lonadar
    • Selene
    • Sorana Anita


RED text are entries that may or may not be correctly placed in time.

Note that the timeline has a point 0, which is the point at which the game begins.  It is does not relate to any in-game calendar.
  • -28 years
    • Imsh(20), Aeolien(23), Celi(18), and Duun(?) successfully save Duke Waric Kardin and his son Sammil from assassination thereby ensuring the principality of Sersha's continued prosperity. (The Tangled Web Game)
  • -27 years
    • Breath(14) is living day-by-day alone on the streets of Aruldusk until a group of traveling Kodari monks arrives in town. Their goal being to move across the lands and carry with them a message of peace to help unify the isolated cities and regions. Fascinated by the idea of outsiders such as these, the Tiefling boy watches them. After witnessing their training, he sees for the first time that beauty in motion is truly an art people take for granted. Inspired, he begins then attempting to train himself and discovers the more in-tune he is with his surroundings and life the more he can almost feel arcane power welling inside his being. With every breath, there is a beat; with every step, an opportunity to see things anew. From that moment on, he takes the name 'Breath' as his new mantra and vows to discover art and beauty in ways most don't choose to see.
  • -25 years
    • Imsh(23), Aeolien(26), and Celi(21) help Lord Trevyas and the city of Aruldusk.
  • -24 years
    • Mari Acarhi Nedion is born to Aeolien(27) and Celi(22). This is their first child. They are married soon after.
  • -22 years
    • Aeolien(28) and Celi(23) settle down in Aruldusk to raise their family.
  • -15 years
    • Mari(9) begins schooling with the 'high society' of Aruldusk. She first meets Lord Piers(10).
  • -13 years
    • Breath(28) has earned some degree of fame within his immediate area of Aruldusk. He is dubbed the "Devil Dancer" because of his race and his tendency to perform at night.
  • -12 years
    • Jovin is born to Aeolien(38) and Celi(33).
  • -8 years
    • Aruldusk celebrates Lord Piers' passage into adulthood, as he turns 17 years old.
      • Performing artists had been invited to the castle to provide entertainment. One of these was the "Dancing Devil". While many arrived early, Breath(33) arrived a bit late; having troubles reaching the castle in the first place and stopping to admire the craftsmanship of the structure itself. Each performer was introduced and had their turn to keep the guests entertained. When Breath took the stage, he didn't know what to make of it. Standing before the king and all these eager eyes wasn't frightening, but somehow disappointing. He turned to Trevyas and spoke as politely as he knew how, "My lord, I am deeply saddened. But I simply have no songs for halls of happy people, and kings of noble lineage. My songs are for each blade of grass, and each drop of blood that soaks into the soil leaving a memory of life." He took his leave, noting the confused and offended look on most of the guests.
      • Celi(38) and Mari(16) attend. It is here that Mari first sees the "Dancing Devil" and is fascinated.
    • One month after the celebration, Lord Trevyas and Breath begin a friendship that lasts several years.
  • -5 years
    • Finished with her schooling at the Emerald Eyes, Aeolien(46) and Celi(41) decide to send Mari(19) to the Kodari Temple to train with the monks. Mari does not want to go, but relents to her parents' wishes.
  • -4 years
    • Breath(37) leaves Aruldusk to brave the world outside.
  • -3 years
    • Imsh builds The Greatsword's Rest and settles down to retire.
  • -2 years
    • A drought begins in Aruldusk.
    • Attacks from marauders, trolls, and other beasts increase.
  • -1 years
    • Lord Trevyas Tremayne() dies and his son, Piers(24) takes over as ruler of Aruldusk
    • Many farmers move inside Aruldusk's walls for safety.
    • Food prices skyrocket as the drought continues.
    • A poor district of Aruldusk that Breath(40) called home is almost leveled by a devastating fire.
  • -2 months
    • Aeolien's dojo, The Aruldusk Gardens, is damaged by a fire. Mari's brother, Jovin(12), is badly hurt. Celi writes Mari to tell her.
    • Against the wishes of her teachers, Mari leaves the Kodari Temple and returns to Aruldusk.
  • 0
    • The time if late fall; snow will soon be upon us. The neighboring town of Brennan is having elections soon. Given the current state of unrest, this is a particularly volatile event. However, as a gesture of good faith, the outgoing Overmaster has asked Lord Piers to provide bodyguards for the candidates. Brennan is a purely mercantile town. Situated at the confluence of three trade roads and a river, it is a prime stop for traveling caravans. Its winter population more than quadruples in the summer to 80,000 people. Right now, only about 30,000 people are there. The city's Charter states that only registered merchants may run for office, and that campaigning may take place on only one day: election day. Rather than drawing it out for a year, the city shuts down for that day. Lord Piers graciously accepted the request, but he is having difficulty sparing any of the Watch. He will thus turn to Imsh, hero of the land, and his band of brigands. His Highness is under the impression that Imsh has a team (or adventuring party) that could help out.
    • PCs
      • Imsh(48)
      • Mari(24)
      • Breath(41)
      • Ciz(29)
    • NPCs
      • Lord Piers Tremayne(25)
      • Aeolien(51)
      • Celi(46)