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The Introductory letter to the London Consilium, printed on pale ivory bond: (The envelope is marked with a subtle mark in Prime, Z's crest, announcing Path and Order - a magical watermark)

From the office of Dr. Zhong Yoa Huo Hua, NMD

4A Newburgh St
London W1F 7RQ, United Kingdom
020 7333 5555

5 July 2008

To Senior Faculty

The Royal Society
6 Carlton House Terrace
London, Westminster, SW1Y 5, United Kingdom

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to you at this time to announce my entry into the city of London, to request an audience with the Consilium, and to further inquire after the bylaws of this city in order to determine the appropriate course of action to make my residency official.

Having gone through my apprenticeship under the tutelage of Doc Robbins (Mysterium, Springfield Consilium, Massachusetts), events have recently called me back to my homeland of England. A Thyrsus, and a member in good standing of the Free Council, I find myself nonetheless at home in the streets of our lovely city. With the permission of the Consilium, I am intent on finding a place within the community here in London to further my studies in our arts and to establish my practice as a healer. I look forward to speaking with you and making the acquaintance of all our fellows.

Please feel free to contact me at the address or phone number above.

I await your pleasure,

Dr. Z.