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Curriculum Vitae

Basic Stats

  • Join Date: August 18 2007
  • Average Posts/Day: 1 - Generally I post only during the weekdays.
  • Current Stats: User Profile

System Experience

  • D&D 2e: Player / DM
  • D&D 3.5e: Player / DM
  • D&D 4e: Player / DM
  • FATE (Dresden): Player
  • FATE (Strands of): GM
  • FATE (Core): Theoretical
  • The Window: Player
  • Don't Rest Your Head: Player
  • Freeform: GM

Gaming History

  • Tales of Madness: The Tattered Man (May 16 2016 - Present)
    • Role: GM
    • System: Freeform
    • Players
      • Shadowthebard
      • Penchant
      • Maester1216
      • Thought
      • Spiralis
    • Comments
      • 6/22/16: Another attempt at the Tattered Man story. :)
  • Tales of Madness: The Kingfisher (Dec 9 2014 - Jul 23 2015)
    • Role: GM
    • System: Freeform
    • Comments
      • 3/3/15: this is a reboot game. This time I went freeform and so far it has been fairly successful. I started with 5 players, and quickly has to cut one due to a style mismatch, but the game has a thriving OOC thread and I keep private threads for each player which are well used.
      • 7/23/15: As the game crossed the 6 month mark it encountered rapid player attrition. I went from 4 original players, to 3 and then back up to 4. Then I lost 2 of the originals; 1 for personal reasons, and the other to disappearing from the Weave. Finally I lost the at this point in time I am down to 1 player.
      • 2/23/16: This game never recovered. It sat for a long while and eventually was archived.
  • The Kingfisher (Apr 18 2014 - June 8 2014)
    • Role: GM
    • System: FATE Core
    • Comment - I aborted this game after only 3 in game posts. The game was plagued from the start. Two players dropped out in character creation and the phase trio part of fate core's character creation just bogged down the pace...with players not collaborating effectively. The post rate was not good with all involved and that led one of the three remaining players to drop out. That killed my appetite to run the game so I shut it down. I may revisit the story at some point.
  • Gaslight Investigations (Sep 6 2010 - July 2013)
    • Role: GM
    • System: Strands of FATE
    • Comment - This game was a second attempt at a Victorian Horror/Lovecraft game set in London during the late 19th century. It fared better than the previous, but in the end got run-down due to lags in posting and player dropouts. Between the adventures I recruited a new batch of players (with one hold over), but eventually some of the new players dropped out as well. In the end, I ended up playing a side solo-game with my one original player, but we put it on hold due to real-life issues and haven't revisited yet.
  • DFRPG: Thame's Landing (Mar 19 2012 - Oct 12 2012) - 7 Months
    • Role: Player
    • System: Dresden Files RPG (FATE)
    • Comment - The second time I attempted to play a Catholic Priest, and again it didn't really work out. We never got through the first scene, so my character never met up with any of the others. The game aborted due to the GM disappearing.
  • Don't Rest Your Head (Feb 8 2011 - Apr 25 2011) - 2 Months
    • Role: Player
    • System: Don't Rest Your Head
    • Comment - I played a Catholic Priest who was sucked into a hellish landscape, which, well I don't know much more than that because the game only lasted a couple months before the GM had a death in the family and had to abort the game.
  • 'Neath the Shadow of London (Aug 9 2010 - Sep 13 2010) - 1 Month
    • Role: Player
    • System: The Window
    • Comment - This game never got out of the character creation phase. The GM disappeared.
  • Nameless Secrets (Oct 25 2009 - Sep 15 2010) - 11 months
    • Role: DM
    • System: D&D 4e (mod)
    • Comment - This game was a Victorian Horror/Lovecraft game set in London during the late 19th century, using a modified version of D&D 4e. I found that I didn't need the tactical combat which 4e is so good at, so it wasn't the best fit. In this game, I had at a standout player (nothing against the other players who were perfectly fine), who really drove the game forward. Unfortunately he was banned from the site (I don't know why) and after that the game slowly ground to a halt. Due to the system mismatch and player attrition, I aborted this game and revisited the concept.
  • The Twilight War (Jun 10 2009 - Mar 28 2010) - 9 Months
    • Role: Player
    • System: D&D 4e
    • Comment - This was was the "sequel" to "A Tangled Web", but it didn't quite make it to completion, although I had a great time with the DM and the other players.
  • Ghosts of Imaskar (Apr 13 2009 - Jun 5 2009) - 2 Months
    • Role: Player
    • System: D&D 4e
    • Comment - This was a quick game which ended when the GM disappeared.
  • Keep of the Shadowfell (Jun 5 2008 - Sep 16 2008) - 3 Months
    • Role: Player
    • System: D&D 4e
    • Comment - This was a quick game which was ended so the same group could start up "The Twilight War".
  • A Tangled Web (Aug 28 2007 - Feb 14 2010) - 2 Years 6 Months
    • Role: DM / Player
    • System: D&D 3.5, converted to D&D 4e
    • Comment - This was the first game I played in on Myth-Weavers and during the first scene, the original DM disappeared, so I stepped in as the DM (my first act was to kill of my character). While I had some player dropouts over the years this game was going, I had a great core group. Eventually we ended the game even though the story wasn't completed and moved on to a "sequel" picking up a generation later with one of the original characters and the offspring of two others. One interesting thing I did during this game was to have a number of players drop out, but new ones pick up the same it didn't have the same amount of impact on the game.

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