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GM Style

I'm pretty fast paced. I often roll for players to speed up time. I use phased based initiative. I post often during the week and ask my players to try and do the same. If a player goes silent for an extended period of time without word, I do not hesitate to drop them from my game.

When recruiting one of my sayings is "give me characters, not character sheets". Meaning I don't need the mechanics of your character as much as I need a solid character concept. I don't like seeing all the cool numbers that make up your character because, for me, that's not what makes up a character.

My Worlds


The world was at peace, somehow the Justice League had stopped the super villains. People asked for explaination, but there was none because a new threat had arrived. An intergalactic race of creatures known collectively as the Enslavers. All the superheroes of the world united and took to attack this threat. They, along with the Enslavers, never found their way back to Earth.

Years have passed and defending the world falls upon the shoulders of a new generation of heroes. Heroes that must take up the mantle of those that came before them and protect Earth from threats, old and new. They must stand for truth and justice. They must forge the a new chapter in the legacy of the Justice League!


Fantasia, the Dark Fantasy, is a game based on a more twisted version of Disney characters from their classic collection, further inspired by the art of Jeffrey Thomas and his twisted princess series.


Desolation is set on a world called Deso, a world in constant rebuilding due to it’s disasters of the past. It’s currently settled in a time of loose peace, where the world is cooperating in hopes of overcoming adversity.


"Unlimited" a moniker for a sort of organized play game that takes place in the DC Universe.


A repository of characters I've applied with that I liked and were either unaccepted or the game died.


Concept: Douglas Graves was killed in action during a black ops mission while in the SAS. The gas used to killed him had as much of an effect on the dead as it did the living and Graves returned as the living dead.



The Wicked Witch

Concept: Elphaba, from the play Wicked, pursues her father from Oz to the real world, joining the LxG under the promise of them helping her find him.


Concept: Clara Kelson was the winner of a reality show "Freedom City Supers". For her prize, she is gifted with fantastic water-based superpowers and named the sidekick of the famous hero "the Cowl"

My Systems

MnM3e Dragon Ball

Alteration of the Mutants and Masterminds 3e Rules system to create a Dragon Ball type game.