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This is a homebrew creation by Amnistar.
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This is a 4e world being created for my Pen and Paper group. I'm more than happy to accept ideas and thought on it, and would love to build it up to be something for others to use.


Empire of Karostia

The last remnants of the Ancient Dragonborn Empire, Karostia is to the far north. A highly militaristic society, they have enslaved all the intelligent races north of the Ridge and have recently begun to turn their attention south. Unlike the previous Dragonborn Empire, the Karostian's official church is of Erathis, rather than Bahamut. Worship of Avandra is forbidden.

The empire's Cities are large structures centered around temples of Erathis. These temples generate a field of heat which provides warmth for the center. Due to a desire to avoid heating the ground and causing a landslide, theses cities are raised several feet off the ground by thick stone walls.

Status in the empire is derived from rank and unit. Without a unit an individual is either chattel if they're not Dragonborn or without honor, if they are. The leaders of the Empire are the highest ranking members of the military.

Dwarven Clans

Ridge Dwarves

The Ridge Dwarves live upon the Ridge in great citidals that block the known paths through them. Fiercely territorial only those with close ties, or a large purse, pass through their lands. The clan is divided into those that live their entire lives under the mountains and those that spend their time above ground as well. Those above ground serve as scouts for those below ground, who halt advances on their terrain by engineering landslides, cave ins and such.

Southern Range Dwarves

  • Under Construction*

Western Range Dwarves

  • Under Construction*

Pirates of the Broken Isles

Living on the coast on the souther side of *Continent* just south of the Ridge the Pirates of the Broken Isles maintain a nomadic existence living in coves and on their ships. Known as the best sailors around, the Pirates thrive by taking ships that dare manuver through their territory.

Children of Chaos

Made entirely of Teiflings and Kobolds, based out of the City of Golden Blood, these nomads raid the Blistering Sands taking any that pass through there prisoners and using their gold, and their blood, as part of the rituals that give the city it's name.

Elven Tribes

Southern Tribe

Live south of the great river, the Southern Elves are spiritual and don't identify themselves as a united nation, but instead live as small groups within the jungle, worshiping the portal of Sha'Drana. The leaders of the Southern Tribes are always Shamans and they are flighty and often run from non-elves.

Northern Tribe

Unlike their southern neighbors, the borders of the Northern Tribe's Jungles are under seige for the wood of the trees. United in their desire to protect the forest, the tribes of the North are much more united than the south, following war chiefs into battle against any that would invade their forest.

Frozen Tribe

The Frozen Tribe lives north of the Great Ridge, though their forest has long since become part of the Empire of Karostia.

Taluthian Confederacy

A loosely united coalition of Halfling and human cities, the confederacy is ruled by 4 Dukes who hold their power by protecting the confederacy from raids by the Children of Chaos and the Northern Elven Tribes. The confederacy is located on the East coast and extends only a few miles inland.

Eladrin Nation

  • Under Construction*

Southern Kingdom

  • Under Construction*

Georgraphical Areas of Note

The Ridge

Separates the frozen Northland from the southern areas of the continent. Runs completely across the continent from one edge to the other. The mountains block the movement of clouds from the north, creating an abundance of rain and snowfall above them and resulting in the Blistering Sands to the south.

The Shattered Isle

The remnants of the Island Capital of the Dragonborn Empire, the Shattered Isle now boast of hundreds of small islands, ranging in size from small enough for one person to stand, or large enough to build a small nation. The area is constantly coated in a dark mist that that blocks most vision, causing most to be wary of the seas there, and none but the bravest venture into it's misty shores.

Blistering Sands

Swamp of Sha'Drana

At the center of the Swamp is a portal to the Feywild, which is known as Sha'Drana, elven for Origin of Life. The swamp is created by the magical energies that leak from the portal, which then turns into the source for the Great River. The largest river on the continent that cuts the Sildra Jungle into two parts.

Sildra Jungle

The Sildra Jungle is a dense jungle that grows from the waters of the Great River. Cut in half by the river, the Jungle is almost two separate Jungles, and none that venture into it return.