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Almost a thousand years ago, the two greatest empires on Oerth were destroyed in the Twin Cataclysms. Stunned and staggering, the survivors fled the devastated lands of the Baklunish and Suloise Empires and spread out into the lands now known as the Flanaess. In the ten centuries since, kingdoms have risen and fallen, grown, split, and merged, and the relentless flow of history has reduced the Twin Cataclysms to the status of ancient history, forgotten and irrelevant to the daily tide of life.

However, there are those who remember what has gone before, and while the forces that called down the Twin Cataclysms were shattered and divided, they were not destroyed. Now, as the millennial anniversary of the greatest destruction the Oerth has ever known draws near, factions are moving behind the scenes to prevent - or cause - its recurrence. And a group of young adventurers, seeking fortune and glory, have no idea that they will soon hold the fate of nations in their hands...