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A Saga of Sword and Flame

For sixteen years, Brevoy has known peace. When Noleski Surtova ascended to claim the Dragonscale throne, he did not do it alone. He had the help of his Bannermen and of strong Lords who saw him as the best chance that Brevoy had. But peace is a fickle thing, a single candle against the night's wind. Who's to say how long it will last?


For as long as anyone can remember, the Medvyed family has been one of the most stable and influences throughout the land. Dating back to before the Kingdom of Issia, Chorol's conquest and the creation of Brevoy and up to the present day. Seen as a house that places the needs of the Kingdom and their lands before their personal gain. A tradition that Lord Gurev, the current ruler of the House, continued during The Uprisings. Despite an ongoing feud between their two families, Lord Gurev rallied his bannermen and with his son Robert, marched his army to New Stetven to aid Lord Noleski Surtova claim the throne. It's said when asked why he chose to support the Surtovas, he simply answered, "I thought it was best for Brevoy."

This began a long alliance, and some may say friendship, between the two houses. A tradition that was continued by the Baron's youngest son, Brandyn. Squiring in the south until recently, the newly knighted Ser Brandyn of Medvyed was making the long trek to his home when he came across a single coach, flying the banner of House Surtova that was waylaid by bandits, the coach's guard's already dead. Without thought for himself Brandyn rode into the fray, and managed to hold off the bandit's attack until help luckily arrived.

The passengers of the carriage were none other than The Lady Natala Surtova, sister of the King, and her young son Deneth. The commander of the soldiers who came to Brandyn's aid, summoned by a single guard who ran for aid, said that without the young man's aid, Lady Natala and her son would have surely died.

In gratitude, King Noleski has offered Brandyn a place in The White Guard; The King's personal order of Knights. To Celebrate the appointment, King Noleski has declared that he will hold a grand tournament, The White Cub's Tourney, at Brandyn's home of Stoneclimb. Our story begins here.

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