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In the beginning there was nothing, only darkness, water and wind. There were no animals and no humans only Wenderin powerful spirits who made the earth and the underworld below the earth and the sky above the earth. The Wenderin lived in the underworld and made plants to eat and mountains on which to live. They lived in a dream-like world where everything was good and sacred.

Then Hatten, the most powerful of the Wenderin created the first animal. It was a funny looking thing with four legs and a tail but it moved with grace and strength and Hatten thought it was good. Afraid that the animal would be lonely Hatten caused others to spring forth from its body.

At this time all the animals spoke the same language and came to Hatten and asked what they were to eat and where were they to live, so Hatten divided up the plants and set some in the swamps, some in the deserts until all the animals had something to eat and a place in which to live.

The animals wondered what their life would be like once Hatten left them to return to the underworld where the Wenderin lived and asked Hatten for a friend so they would not be lonely. Hatten sent the animals all over the earth to bring him things to make their friend. He took all the things the animals brought and placed them inside an outline he drew upon the ground and from this made the first human.

The first human stood and walked, Hatten taught it to speak and admired his work. All the animals loved the human except for the first animal named panther. Panther was jealous of the human and pounced upon it ripping it in two, from then on all the animals feared Panther and hid whenever he came around.

Hatten took the two halves of the human and healed them. The two halves becames man and woman, because they were once one but were torn apart by violence and jealousy they sometimes don't get along so well.

These two, Ancestral Man and Ancestral Woman had children and people multiplied. During this time no one died even though they lived in darkness everyone was happy and lived in harmony on the earth with all the animals, except panther who sat in the jungle and silently watched. Things stayed this way for many years.

Lysa one of the grand daughters of the Ancestrals lost her child who was a baby that had not yet learned to cry and could not find her in the darkness. The wind told her that Darma, a Wendrerin had a sun that would light up the sky. Lysa went to see Darma and Darma gave her the sun. For good measure Lysa was given the moon by Hatten. Darma, Hatten and Lysa performed a ceremony to fix the sun and moon in the sky and Lysa was able to find her baby.

The people had no idea what Lysa had been up to and were surprised. The priests claimed to control the sun and moon but when the eclipse came the Wenderin said, " Bring back the Sun." The priests tried everything they could think of but failed time and time again. The people had come to enjoy the light and warmth of the sun and lost faith in the priests when they could not bring the sun back.

Bronne who was the great grandson on Lysa went to Eagle and asked if he could take him to where the sun had been to see what could be done. Eagle agreed and they flew far into the sky where they saw that the moon and sun were deep in an argument over who was more beautiful. Bronne told the sun and moon that they each were beautiful but that the sun looked prettiest in blue while the moon looked best clad in black. Hearing this the sun and moon took their places in the sky again.