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The animal spirits taught magic to the Ancestrals, every major spirit has a group of spells that they have domain over and their likenesses are often used in Enchantments that call upon their magical spheres.

The spells they taught were handed down through oral tradition during the time when humans where organized in hunter-gatherer bands. They used the animal's likeness as their totems.

Bear: (Body Control and Healing) Strength both physical and moral; Medicine and Herb Lore

Cow: (Food and Protection & Warding) Loyalty and Selflessness; Home-life and Wealth

Eagle: (Air and Light & Darkness) Swiftness and Mental Dexterity; Duty and Messages

Fish: (Plant and Water) Wisdom and Balance; Agriculture and Rationality

Horse: (Gate and Movement) Stamina and Travel; Distance and Labor

Mole: (Earth and Making & Breaking) Perseverance and Stealth; Shyness and Mining

Owl: (Knowledge and Weather) Intelligence and Patience; Slyness and Literacy

Panther: (Animal and Necromantic) Jealousy and Strife; Evil and War

Scorpion: (Fire and Sound) Anger and Toughness; Situational ethics and Contradiction

Spider: (Illusion & Creation and Mind Control) Trickery and Playfulness; Entertainment and Music

Toad: (Communication & Empathy) Honesty and Accuracy; Diplomacy and Commerce