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Ewnham Forest & Gorbul

East of Heawold is the massive Ewnham Forest. Twisted trees draped with flowering vines shade a dim and dank interior where nasty prickles and tall pale fungi bloom. A hacked path is said to lead directly to Gorbul, the Goblin Town. This was once one of a number of goblin encampments that the Dwarves razed in their attacks but was rebuilt after the treaties were cast.

The most prominent dangers in Ewnham Forest are said to be the goblins, snakes, frogs and beetles, all bar the goblins are said to be poisonous.

The West Mountains & Nuledzar

Half days west from Heawolf through rocky hills the mountains truly begin. Tucked in a small plateau reached via a long exposed slope is the Dwarven trading and tanning town, Outer Town. Behind and overlooking the town is the tall stone gates of Nuledzar. No Halfling within living memory has been invited into Nuledzar and it's doubtful any have ever asked.

Few speaks of any dangers to the West. Anyone unwise enough to trespass in Dwarven lands is soon to the recipient of a rather large fine payable by them or their village if they want to leave the Dwarven stockade. The other option of course is to work the debt off through hard labour.

The North Mountains

A continuation of the West Mountains these have no rocky approach but rather an abrupt transition from light trees and gentle hills to harsh cliffs and jagged chasms. Cracked rock and frequent landslides keep most people far from these mountains. They continue to the East as far as the tallest Halfling can see.

Biggest dangers in the North Mountains is landslides, falling in a chasm or getting crushed by a boulder through by one of the usually grumpy giants looking for entertainment. It is said that often the last thing you will hear in the North Mountains is a deep voiced 'catch'.

The Cold South

The further south your travel the sparser the trees become, the rockier the hills and the colder it gets. Stories tell that if you travel far enough there is only snow and ice even during summer.

Dangers in the Cold South include the cold and the occasional hungry bear.