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Charcon is a continent made up of five main terrain types: there are the plains of Cragmar to the west, the marshes of Borandar to the north, the forested hills of Savinset to the east, and the desert of Dallin to the south. The twelve cities of Charcon are interconnected by roads that were built and are maintained by the fearless Lighters. Charcon.png

Several hundred years ago, no one really knows when, there was a catastrophic war on Charcon. The monsters that inhabit the world rose up against the humanoids that ruled the world at the time. The monsters who were lead by a black, abyssal creature whose name and origin have been since lost almost succeeded in wiping out the humans which they fought against. They had the armies of the humans separated and running out of men and viable options for victory when a lone human by the name of Corran Lightbringer snuck through the monstrous camp and slew the dark creature that was commanding them. The victory was not yet won, but the blow that had been struck was eventually the undoing of the monstrous army. After the battles that drove the monsters back Corran Lightbringer was found dead on the battlefield. He was hailed as a hero and the day on which he was found dead was made into a holiday to celebrate his life and his accomplishments.

The human armies, rather than unite and resettle the land throughout in unfortified towns and villages as they had before, decided that they would, instead, build giant cities that could house them for the hundreds of years that it would take to get back to the numbers they had before the war. They did this in hopes that the future generations when they reached a point of overcrowding would spread throughout the world and repopulate it. They also did it in hopes that the future generations would be able to defend against the inevitable attack of the monsters.

It was during the construction of these cities that the Lighters were created. They were named after the hero of the recent wars, Corran Lightbringer. They were entrusted with the task of building roads between the cities and maintaining the relations and contacts between them. Also, for approximately the last hundred years they have also been instructed by the rulers of the cities to escort caravans carrying goods between the cities. The elite group has since had a much higher death rate and because of the extensive interviewing and training process that is necessary to become a Lighter they are slowly being stretched thinner and thinner over the continent.

The monsters have used the humans' infrequent visits outside of the safety of the city as an opportunity to grow in numbers and power. For the past twenty years or so they have been creating an army to finally destroy the humans who have been a thorn in their side for so long. Their are whispers among their ranks that the dark lord, the thing that lead them in the first assault on humanity, is returning.

Unfortunately the message that they were to spread over the continent and reclaim it partly to avoid the eventual uprising of the monsters was lost sometime along the way for the populations of the cities. Now the cities sit on the edge of a disaster that they have no idea is coming. But there are a few faithful, a few who have had the foresight throughout the years to realize that the threat of the monsters is much more than the stories of the histories would paint them to be. They have prepared those that have believed them against the monsters. They have crafted a society that is spread through the twelve cities and they are ready... Hopefully they will be enough.