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Economy of Eleriad

Eleriad is a trade city, and as such, has a wide and varied economy. Social class is divided roughly into five different economic classes.


The poor or stricken have little means to support themselves, and few resources to rise beyond their current state. They have no place to live, and no official job beyond begging for coin, allowing them to make no more than 5sp / wk, which barely covers the expenses of food. [Upper Limit: 5sp]

Starting Gold: [Class Dice / 6] sp

Low Wage

Unskilled tradesworkers and thugs make up the bulk of the low wage bracket, as well as the servants of nobles. Wages range from as little as a beggar's pay to as much as 1gp / wk, but these people at least have a hovel of sorts to call their own. Naturally, such a residence is limited in the amenities it contains, but it does provide the necessary shelter against adverse weather. Very little of the salaries of such people is dedicated to tax, but basic food and services still need to be taken into account. [Lower Limit: 0gp, Upper Limit: 100gp]

Starting Gold: [Class Dice * 3] gp

Medium Wage

Skilled tradesfolk and small business owners are the most prevalent group located in the this bracket. They have a home, which often doubles as a business location or workspace, and ply whatever trade they are familiar with to the various residents of Eleriad. People in this wage bracket make between 1 and 10gp / wk, some of which is dedicated to expenses and taxes. [Lower Limit: 100gp, Upper Limit: 1,000gp]

Starting Gold: [Class Dice * 33] gp

High Wage

Talented or exceptional individuals, or those who serve nobles and their kin directly, tend to be at a higher wage level than the common folk. These people reside in a manor house or similarly opulent quarters, with enough space for several indentured servants. Expenses and taxes are higher for this class, and the cost for food and wage of indentured servants typically comes directly from their own wages. Their jobs or performances typically pay between 10 and 100gp / wk. [Lower Limit: 1,000gp, Upper Limit: 10,000gp]

Starting Gold: [Class Dice * 333] gp


When money is either thrust upon an individual, or alternatively, earned, they become a noble of standing. Noble is not necessarily a hereditary title, but indicates success and power in the trade city of Eleriad. Typically nobles live in either ostentatious manor houses or in Castle Ravencroft itself. The various business endeavors of a noble typically net them more than 100gp / wk, and provided they manage their wealth well, they can stay rich for a very long time. [Lower Limit: 10,000gp]

Starting Gold: [Class Dice * 3333] gp

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