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Crossroads Inn/DM Proceedures/Head GM Responsibilities Index

  • The Head GM must know all Crossroads Inn Wiki Data inside and out.

  • The Head GM must name their temporary successor during any period of absence when they take the position (can be changed at any time) and their permanent replacement when stepping down from the position by transferring the Head GM position. Head GMs may or may not wish to employ discussion threads and voting concerning their replacement choice.

  • The Head GM must format all "Head GM Announcements" to include: Who, what, where, when and why. Dates and times (with timezone) should be included as to when new policies and rules will come into effect.

  • The Head GM must answer all posts to Room 0 within a week of them being posted, preferably sooner.

  • The Head GM must add all new DM's to the DM Suite. Founders and Council Members are listed as GM's there and others are listed as Players. No one is allowed to be a reader to the DM Suite.

  • The Head GM must arbitrate all user/DM, and DM/DM Disputes. DM's are expected to handle all user/user disputes in their own games but may request assistance from the Head GM if needed.

  • The Head GM must act as the spokesperson for the game when called upon by the site moderators or admins.

  • The Head GM must create and monitor all game voting polls and close them when consensus is reached. The preferred format is a proposed action with a Yes/No/TBA response, otherwise the option (in most cases) should still be in discussion. Exceptions to this may occur.

Unique Powers

  • Only the Head GM may approve applications for Dungeon Masters.

  • Only the Head GM may alter the thread group organization folders (with exceptions of DM's moving threads to the appropriate archives or creating game boards).

  • Only the Head GM may eject (temporarily or permanently) any player or DM from the game at large. (standard DMs may only eject players from their individual games).

  • The Head GM may make permanent changes to the game-wide policies, setting and rules after conducting a poll. The poll must show a clear majority to make a change and in the event of a tie, the Head GM is the tie-breaking vote. When making decisions the Head GM is expected to keep the following in mind:

-Keep things simplistic. Easy solutions are the best ones. Over complicating things hurts the game.

-Generally less paperwork is better.

-Keep the project fun and upbeat. In game drama is good, OOC drama is bad.

Making any such adjustment requires that all DMs be given notice 1 week in advance before the change takes effect and that the wiki be updated fully as needed.

  • The Head GM may make any temporary executive policy order needed to ensure harmony, however, all temporary policy rulings should be put to vote (as soon as reasonably possible) to become permanent.