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Crossroads Inn/GM Pages Index

The pages linked here are for individual DMs to use for any information they intend to use as standard for all their adventures, as well as anything else of importance they wish to share.

Create your DM page by entering your user name in the bar above and then adding content as you see fit.

While you don't expressly need a DM page, having some general info about you that you can link in your game ads or let PC's browse can help players a lot.

Here's some suggestions of what to include:

  • Your Typical posting requirement and/or posting schedule.
  • A list of campaign settings that you run
  • Repeating adventures to request for you to run (level and brief description)
  • DM stylization and literary influence descriptions
  • Info about you (hobbies, things you like or do)
  • Your favorite quote from a game/quote from you
  • Online contact info (Instant messaging suggested)
  • Anything else you'd like to include.