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I tend to create games where morality is not black and white, nor even shades of gray: I tend to favor red and blue morality as a driving force in my plots. This is not Blue and Orange Morality[1]; basically it means that while there may be no RIGHT side, there's definitely no WRONG side.

A king who goes about conquering villages, who then provides plumbing, agricultural technology, free disease removal, and an end to poverty might be a villain in one of my campaigns. And he might be Lawful Good. It's just your bad luck that he happens to be slaughtering anyone who bears arms against him, which happens to include you, your mother, and your little dog too.

On the other hand, an iron-fisted tyrant struggling to hold together a crumbling empire might be your primary benefactor. And he might ask you to do nasty things in the name of the greater good. And when he says the greater good, he might just mean keeping himself in power another few weeks. It's up to YOU, the player, to draw the line on what your character will or will not do--your alignment score isn't going to help you much.