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The Fifth Magefire War [1]

Players engaged in a heroic raid against fire hobgoblins in mechanized armor. PC's included a supermonk, a dragon, and a mechanized armor operator.

The Vanished Archmage [2]

The players, knights of a far outpost of a crumbling empire ruled by a corrupt church, survive the destruction of their lord, their lord's castle, and their illusions about the world they live in. The spirit of the dead lord and his warlock advisor lead them to a weapons cache full of illegal weapons and part of a powerful demon, with allusions to a time when lethal magic wasn't outlawed, and why it was -- a magefire war. The players begin to reveal a conspiracy to destroy the peaceful, innocent werewolf village that tithed to their lord, and learn that the werewolves keep the demons in check (I don't think they got quite far enough to connect the werewolves to the demons).