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What you can expect in my games:

I like to run odd games. Things change and twist in my games. What may be true most of the time will change from time to time.
I also like simple rules, things that are easy to remember. I love magic and dragons, both are prolific in my games.

Posting Rate:

I would like to run games that have a posting requirement of at least 1/day. Unfortunately, due to my own schedule I rarely post on Wednesday or Thursday.
When I do post on these days it is usually early in the morning or late at night.

Influential to my writing:

My writing is heavily influenced by fantasy novels and as such I sometimes sound funny. I am aware of this and intend to use my words in such ways that it sounds old or odd.
Some of my favorite fantasy authors are Anne McCaffrey, Piers Anthony, Tamora Pierce, and Michael Scotts.


I'm a computer tech support specialist (or plan to be once I'm out of college) and I enjoy light web design.
I live in a small community where everyone hunts and fishes as well as ride ATVs, horses, and sometimes camels (though thats rare and usually contained to one specifically interesting old bird).

Favorite Game Quote:

PCs burst into a temple after facing several groups of goblins and hobgoblins outside of the temple. A group of priests stand chanting at an alter. I describe the inside of the temple including this line: "The priests are trapped in the temple by the gobs and will be willing to provide healing for free because you helped them escape." The fighter (blood crazed and obviously excited from killing so many creatures previously) storms in and begins slashing at random. The other PCs back up the fighter and they slaughter the priests. They now stand in a blood drenched temple room.

Wait, did you say these priests can heal us free of charge? Asks the rogue, who is holding the still twitching heart of the head priest.