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What to expect from me: Well I like generic fantasy and I enjoy playing it. I like to challange my players so be prepared. Other than that I always try to give the players freedom to decide for themselves. Oh and i won't kill you just for fun, I'm sincerely happy when I see my players accomplish the goal I devised for them.

As for the type of game - depends on the adventure. I try to include some battles in every one of my adventures but some tend to lean more into "social encounters". I like brain teasers and probably most of my adventures will have some - be it a riddle or a fight that can only be won by using the environment.

Posting rate: Ideally - Every day. If someone's not posting for 48/72 (depends on the game) hours I will NPC him.

Iconic game situation: It was my first game as a DM (and a first game ever to be frank) and we didn't know all the rules. The team rogue decided to disable a trap placed in the ceiling - it was supposed to crash people standing below it. Since we didn't know the rules it turned out that he did really good job (like, impossibly good) disabling this trap. then I decided that instead of stones, a lot of Teddy Orcs fell down from the ceiling. So began a tradition. Every time we played together a Teddy Orc had to make an entrance - be it the captains mascot or the image of a god on the altar.

How to contact me: by e-mail I check it daily so it shouldn't be a problem to contact me quickly.